Thursday, June 01, 2017

Kansas City Guns, Crime & Death Round-Up

Tribute to TKC's all time favorite rappers Ice Cube & B-Real to start this quick collection of all the angry news this evening related to more Kansas City crime, homicide and the fight to keep the 2nd Amendment intact in both state houses.

Check the links:

Kansas City Sammich Shooting Deets

Man shot outside of Subway shop in Kansas City

A man suffered non-life threatening injuries following a shooting outside of a Subway store.

Kansas Gun Rights Fight For Survival

Kansas Legislators OK Gun Law Exemption For Health Facilities, But Will Brownback Veto?

The Kansas Senate and House voted Thursday to allow public health care facilities to continue banning concealed weapons. The 24-16 Senate vote and 91-33 House vote send the bill to Gov. Sam Brownback for consideration. A state law taking effect July 1 will allow people to carry concealed guns into any public building that is not secured by armed guards and metal detectors.

Kansas City Dead Lady Robbery?!?!

Police investigating suspicious death after woman's body found in Kansas City

Friends think whatever happened started with a break-in

Westport Shooting Suspect Accomplice

Two men charged after three women held at gunpoint during 'OfferUp' sale

NORTH KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A second man is facing felony charges after he allegedly helped hold three women at gunpoint during a meetup to sell a cellphone. Abdiwasa Abdi, 18, was charged Tuesday with aiding and abetting a person shooting a firearm at a motor vehicle and armed criminal action.

Kansas City Closure

Father happy to see demolition of hotels where son was killed

Council members say a demolition on Thursday is a symbol of what's to come for the revitalization of the area. It is just another part of blight that needs to be removed to continue on with the Cerner Innovations Campus Project. It's a project that'll have just under a dozen separate building spread between 87th Street to Bannister Road.

You decide . . .


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