Monday, June 19, 2017

Kansas City Funk Fest FAIL

Rain caused this downpour of local complaining. Take a look:

Weekend storms ruin concertgoers experience

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The storms forced several concerts and festivals to cancel, leaving people who spent a lot of money on tickets, frustrated. On Saturday, Funk Fest canceled its concert due to severe weather. "It's more than just a paid event," Heather Bordeaux said.


Retro ROCKER said...

Promoters you have Municipal Auditorium and outher facilities for spring and summer concerts THE weather is unpredictable. Bring it in doors. If you can't give refunds. Don't promote a concert.

Super Dave said...

I am amazed at the peoples reactions when an planned outdoor event gets rained out.

Are they all so stupid to not understand if rain is coming it isn't going to halt along the way till your outdoor event is over.

So it rains life goes on. We can't control the weather and never will be able to in our times. When you decide to take a risk on seeing a outdoor show you're as well taking a risk with your money. Daily living isn't 100% a guarantee all will be to your liking or mine for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Get the funk outta my face , play that funky music White boy , is a little bit of rain gunna melt yo Boyz CHIMP bangers inner city youth scholar's hood rats ¿?

Anonymous said...

Hey Super Dave yes you do take a chance when you go to an outdoor concert and no all people or not stupid are you stupid the tickets say rain or shine but not cancel so the concert could have resumed and the rain did stop but the promoter decided to cancel and run with the money thank you very much.