Thursday, June 29, 2017

Kansas City Early Thursday Look

Hottie Sophie and the start of a new day . . . Here's a bit of catch up from yesterday and just a few newer local links:

Kansas City Metro July 4th Rules & Regs

Know the law - fireworks fines in our area can be steep

Know the law - fireworks fines in our area can be steep Injury is a big concern - but so is fire damage. It's no secret - fireworks are illegal in many communities. And it pays to check the ordinance in your city.

Youngster Gun Fight Follow-Up

Girl shot on a Kansas City playground still in critical condition

Neighbors say the 9-year-old boy thought he had a BB gun - he reportedly shot the girl over a stick of gum.

Newspaper Plays Softball With Developer

Replay: Discussing the downtown convention hotel with Mike Burke

Kansas City is closer than ever to building a new 800-room, $331 million convention hotel downtown, near Bartle Hall. On Wednesday, one of the attorneys for the project, Mike Burke, joined Colleen McCain Nelson and Dave Helling of The Star's editorial board to discuss the final steps - and what taxpayers will and won't pay for the project.

Show-Me Right To Work Fight

Courts give right-to-work opponents in Missouri a second option to try to block law

A Missouri appeals court helped labor groups Tuesday, giving them a backup plan in their attempt to block the new right-to-work law that'll take effect Aug. 28. The court ruled that the state must restore the original ballot language for initiative petitions that seek a constitutional amendment to make sure Missouri can't have any right-to-work laws.

Help Find Missing JoCo Man

Search intensifies for Overland Park man missing after night out with friends

The search has intensified for an Overland Park man who went missing after a night out with friends. Matthew Johnson was last seen on June 18. Family members said he was in contact with his brother after leaving a party bus at the Sun Fresh off Interstate 70. After that, he disappeared.

Golden Ghetto Beachfront Property

Olathe ranked one of the best beach towns to live in

OLATHE, Kan. -- When you think of beach towns, you typically think of places in Florida or California, but what about Olathe, Kan. A study released by WalletHub Wednesday says Olathe is ranked number 20 on the list of "2017's Best Beach Towns to Live in."

Sunflower State Tax Spike Coming Soon

Expect smaller paychecks next month as new tax increases kick in

A new law raising income tax rates officially goes into effect Saturday, but the impact on taxpayers will stretch back to January. Lawmakers passed Senate Bill 30 over Gov. Sam Brownback's veto to raise about $1.2 billion in additional revenue over two years to help balance the budget.

Horrific Missouri Cruelty Alleged

Missouri man charged with forcing teenage girl to sleep in dog crate

BYRNES MILL, Mo. (AP) - An eastern Missouri man is charged with forcing his daughter to sleep in a dog crate and hitting her. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that 57-year-old Gregory Byrd, of Byrnes Mill, was charged Tuesday in Jefferson County with felony child endangerment and two counts of misdemeanor assault.

KCPD Spy Tech Sticker Shock

KCPD wants body cams for officers - but it's not that easy

The Kansas City Police Department wants body cameras for its officers - but those cameras come with so many other needs. There are millions of dollars on the line here, and plenty of questions that need answers. For 12 weeks last year, KCPD tested those body cams. The department could buy as many as 700 cameras.

Home Team Stays Winning

Kansas City Royals: Power Propels KC to Game Two Win in Detroit

Power was once again on display for the Kansas City Royals. Salvador Perez (16) and Mike Moustakas (20) hung back-to-back dongs in the fourth inning off Tigers' starter Daniel Norris. This marked the sixth time the Royals have hit back-to-back homeruns this year.

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These ratings from less than obscure "media" sources are really influential.
Have some crap you'd like them to try to sell?
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