Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Kansas City Double Good News Links

The Howe Twins and their take on a family biz inspires a double take and some more Kansas City MSM news links. Checkit:

Kansas City Bidding Game Redux

On KCI, Process Is Important

Judging by an editorial from The Kansas City Star , the City Council is now engaged in crafting a second request for proposals to build a new airport terminal or perhaps even renovate the structures there now. This is good news; the process up to this point has moved in fits and starts, and according to one councilman, was " really weird."

Low Budget Local Fly-By

KCI picks up another low-cost, nonstop flight - Kansas City Business Journal

Allegiant Air is catering to Kansas City travelers after announcing new low-cost, nonstop flights between Kansas City International Airport (Code: MCI) and Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport (Code: AZA). Fares will be as low as $45, and flights will operate twice a week beginning Oct. 4.

Groundbreaking Former KC Footballer

Former NFL star Ryan O'Callaghan comes out as gay

A former offensive tackle for the Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots is opening up about his personal life in a new interview with Outsports. Ryan O'Callaghan spent five seasons in the NFL. O'Callaghan said he had always used football as a way to hide his true self from the world.

Newspaper Discovers Motorcycles

Death toll rises as motorcyclists dash through the streets on super-fast sportbikes

Three Kansas City-area motorcyclists have died since May 2017 on dangerously fast sport bikes. The Institute for Highway Safety reports that riders on super sportbikes die at a rate nearly four times higher than riders of other types of motorcycles.

Celebrate Kansas City Wiener!!!

New specialty hot dog to debut at 2017 Heart of America Hot Dog Festival

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A new specialty hot dog inspired by a legendary Negro League baseball player will debut at the 2017 Heart of America Hot Dog Festival. The "El Maestro" dog is named in honor of Martin Dihigo, a Cuban-born player who began his professional career in 1923.

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Anonymous said...

You can walk into most KC area dealerships and buy a sanitized race bike with no questions asked if you have the money.

When I worked for Freedom Cycles many a buyer bought the biggest motorcycle he could afford and had no motorcycle endorsement on his drivers' license. If I had a dollar for everyone of those folks who crashed within an hour of riding away I'd be rich.

A simple change in licensing with an endorsement needed for these race replicas and big bore motorcycles.

Since driving is not a Constitutional right rigid requirements and requiring a course in riding would prevent many of these deaths.

But the money the states pull in from loose regulation will always prevail over safety.

Anonymous said...

Motorcyclist have a death wish whizzing in and out of traffic. Its all fun and games until somebody crashes and dies, or worse crashes and lives.

Anonymous said...

Everyone already knew Ryan O'callaghan was a faggot. You could tell by what a pansie he was on the field.

Anonymous said...

TOP PHOTO -- Babes In Arms

Howe DD Duty!!!

Anonymous said...

The answer isn't more laws and rules. Als near always the answer is focusing on the problem and enforcing existing law. Every time we start this bullshit of needing more laws it is nothing but a stall. Get the bureaucrats off thier executive oriented asses and lets fix the problem with action.

Anonymous said...

Reopen the third terminal Fools.