Thursday, June 08, 2017

Kansas City Corporate Welfare Flashcube

The latest testament to enduring incentive madness during a murder spike:

Flashcube Building owner pops incentive question; PIEA says 'We'll do 100 percent' - Kansas City Business Journal

The Planned Industrial Expansion Authority on Thursday approved a 25-year property tax abatement for the $50 million conversion of the so-called "Flashcube Building" into 181 apartments. Worcester Investments has a contract to buy the long-vacant office building at 720 Main St. for $5.7 million.


Anonymous said...

TIF's, tax credits and who knows what else. Thank God that Worcester Investments doesn't have to put any of their skin in the game.

Anonymous said...

Why was this turned into the new No Tell Hotel for Kansas city?

Anonymous said...

Will day be somz seccsion ates in dat thing?

Anonymous said...

When downtown KCMO has been changed from a commercial center into a tax subsidized apartment complex, where do these people work?
Counter clerk at Jimmy Johns or drive to the suburbs where all the jobs are.
The creative economy!