Thursday, June 08, 2017

Kansas City Airport Talk Tonight

Quick collection of all the relevant airport links this evening and how corporate bullying pushes this BILLION DOLLAR REVENUE GRAB forward . . .

Check The Airport Talking Points

Read the email exchange between Southwest, KC on KCI vote - Kansas City Business Journal

When the carriers that serve Kansas City International Airport - represented by Southwest Airlines - cautioned the city against a delay in voting on improvements, the email from a Southwest executive didn't come out of the blue. Steve Sisneros, Southwest's director of airport affairs, was responding to an email from Pat Klein, director of the Kansas City Aviation Department.


Kansas City Councilwoman Teresa Loar Fires Back After Election Challenge From AFL-CIO

Kansas City Councilwoman Teresa Loar on Thursday fired back at people who say she's working against the interests of Kansas Citians. At the conclusion of Thursday's public hearing on a proposed single-terminal KCI, Loar defended comments she made in a guest column in the Kansas City Star.

Fly The Kansas City Silly Skies

KCI's Keystone Kops

The rush to build something-anything-at Kansas City International Airport is calling into question the ability and even the seriousness of Kansas City leadership. Consider a recent story in The Kansas City Star , which states that Burns & McDonnell would be given "the opportunity to equal other proposals if it chooses, since it brought the idea to a municipality to begin with."

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

I suspect one or two persons on the council is always assigned to "stand up for the voters"

Make it look like someone gives a shit.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Don't be depressed. Better to get involved.

Anonymous said...

Yes, make believe that you can actually get involved in decision-making in KCMO city government.
Come fill some of the many empty seats in the auditorium and watch as the presenters facilitate, dialogue, and identify stakeholders.
Would you rather be a dog or a pony in one of these shows.
Then the actual decisions will be made behind closed doors and to the benefit of those in the room.
It won't be you.
Thanks for playing.

Anonymous said...

Nobody can beat KCPD as the Keystone cops.
The original and only Keystone City Police Department.

Anonymous said...

By that logic there is no reason to get out of bed in the morning. People who believe that don't vote either. Sorry, but that defeatist mindset is just what people in power want you to believe.

Anonymous said...

Crosby Kemper would make a great mayor.

No way he would fo it except by acclamation, of course.

But having a serious, smart, good-faith mayor would be great for KC.

(no, no affiliation here.)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your courage Theresa Loar.

And your smarts.

Anonymous said...

There are lots and lots of great reasons to get out of bed in the morning and so many activities, organizations, and causes where you can make a real difference in the community.
It's just that one of the ISN'T the laughable operation at KCMO city hall.
Unless you have lots and lots of time on your hands so you can schmooze and cajole the celebrity wannabes in the council offices and have a hefty bankroll to offer at campaign times, you're really not going to be in the game.
Don't waste your time like they waste your money.
Life's too short and there's way to much to do.

Anonymous said...

Teresa is doing the right thing! She is one of the few people in this decision looking out for voters.

Anonymous said...

The airport process started out as such a half-assed crony deal that it's going to take awhile to backtrack and get to square one before proceeding in a rigourous, correct, and legal manner.

Hopefully the outside counsel can straighten things out.

It's a billion dollars, folks.

Anonymous said...

TKC is partially reponsible for shining light on the original incredible rigged deal.

TKC was way ahead on good-government reporting compared with the local newspaper.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

World Class Lower Level Shit

Anonymous said...

So? Who cares? If you say you do your all liars.

Anonymous said...

Pulitzer time.

TKC was days ahead, maybe a week, on a broad daylight case of government misfeasance, while the established press was dutifully reporting what they were told without raising an eyebrow.

On a billion dollars.

Anonymous said...

Breaking News this evening

Now Mayor Sly James want to move the Entire Airport further South to the inner change of 11th & Walnut :)

He claims as he says, that way his FAT ASS won't have to walk as far to board Airplanes !!

He can just step right out of his Office door and board the Airplane !

Seriously tho, 11th & Walnut ??????

Anonymous said...

Thank you Teresa Loar! The citizens of Kansas City appreciate your bravery! Let the voters decide!

Quoting the Kansas City Star, "Dujakovich said in his email that the 2nd District citizens deserve 'someone who will put their interests first, and that includes continuing the momentum we've enjoyed over the past few years.' " Ummm... What better way to find out what the interests of the citizens actually is than by having them vote? And continuing the momentum? With momentum like Patrick Dujakovich has enjoyed at AFL-CIO, the citizens would be doomed! Hey Patrick, remember it's YOUR FAULT that the workers you claim to represent will soon see their wages slashed, not Teresa Loar's. But by all means, run for City Council. We all need a good laugh these days, am I right?

Anonymous said...

Where are they coming up with the 18000 jobs number?

Anonymous said...

For billion dollars you could build a new Broadway bridge next to a new airport built using the existing land and the dead Harlem area. Have the road go under the new airport that is back where it should be.