Thursday, June 15, 2017

Jackson County Exec Frank White Buys More Time Waiting On Rigged Jail Crisis Reports

Remember that there's already a report on the jail completed that is probably a scathing indictment of the system . . . And so, there have been new reports commissioned. Take a look:

Decisions for Jackson Co. Jail could hinge on reports' findings

Jackson County legislators are waiting for the completion of two reports on the jail which could help them decide whether the structure needs to be replaced or renovated. The reports are due by August. Last year the sheriff's office investigated 181 assaults against guards and inmates.


Anonymous said...

Why build the a new jail they are not competent enough to run? Why don't we first hire competent people to run the jail we have then go from there? That mean Frank has to go and a lot of other people too.

Anonymous said...

In Jackson County, if you're not going to build anything until you've elected competent people and they've then hired professionals to manage the operation, you'll never build anything.
Who in the courthouse has met those criteria for years?
Issue bonds, build the new jail, and fund it with the $20 million/year that the COMBAT tax generates.
It's supposed to be an anti-drug/anti-crime tax and funding the jail would certainly be a better use for the money than the fake nonprofits, picnics, yard signs, neighborhood clean-ups, and all the other pointless crap it's spent on now.
Of course, the jail operation won't get any oversight or scrutiny from the electeds and the new building will soon be falling apart for lack of maintenance, but that's just like pretty much everything else operated and owned by the county.
Time to take action.
Don't set your standards so high and let the truly terrible crowd out just the embarrassingly poor.

Anonymous said...

12 dollar an hour low lifes run it.

Anonymous said...

Why don't we just give the inmates a voucher and let them stay at the Best Western. Hell, in this county they will only be in the pokey long enough for some clerk to type up their probation papers. Seems a shame to waste more millions on a place for thungs to nap and piss.