Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Hard Times And Vote Rigging

Tragic trend for American Democracy and word of more economic disaster in Kansas that can't be blamed on tax breaks but has more to do with the rough global economy. Take a look:

Gerrymandering In Kansas And Missouri, And The Fall Of An All-American Town

Drawing voting districts to favor one party or another, a process known as gerrymandering, is widely considered a key factor behind the country's intensely partisan climate. Today, we discuss the practice of "packing and cracking" in light of the U.S. Supreme Court's announcement this week to take up the issue.


Anonymous said...

Next week, see Kraske's column arguing that the U.S. Supreme Court must be abolished and replaced because one or more Justices back in the 1800's had slaves.

In fact, Kraske thinks that the United States should be disbanded because it allowed slavery to exist at one point in our history.

Anonymous said...

Gerrymandering was the bomb as long as Democratics were better at it than Republicans. Now it's evil. Pure evil.