Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Golden Ghetto JoCo Burglary Fear

The nice part of town endures just a state of rising local crime as the weather heats up. Take a look:

Police investigating 2 overnight break-ins in Johnson County

Shawnee Police are investigating whether two overnight business break-ins are related. The first break-in was reported at the Great Clips in the 16300 block of 65th Street. Police said the alarm went off at the business, and when police arrived they found someone broke in through the front door.


Anonymous said...

Who cares?

JoCoPost said...

Who breaks into a Great Clips???
for what purpose?
Is there Fentanyl in the blue juice where they soak the combs?
Seriously--I am mystified.

Anonymous said...

JoCoPost - I have to agree. Why would anyone break in to a hair salon?