Monday, June 26, 2017

Global Cooling In Kansas City

It's fun to confuse weather with climate. We do it all the time, here's Kansas City's most strident Conservative having the same kind of fun:

Global Cooling Alert: KC Flirts with Record Lows - The Sentinel

While the media fixates on warmer than average temperatures in Arizona, they have chosen not to notice as a major cooling front engulfs the eastern half of the United States. The 55-degree morning temperature on Monday in Kansas City has come within two degrees of the record set for the date in 1958.


Anonymous said...

Maybe those "New Ice Age" articles from Time magazine in the 1970s were just premature.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad folks quit arguing about climate disruption. It's always been science against the oil companies.

Anonymous said...

Clearly cooling is caused by anthropomorphic social injustices and global warming. Eliminating our current way of life (well, for what remains of the middle class) is the only solution. Geez, just a bunch of non-scientific trolls publishing this garbage.