Thursday, June 08, 2017

Fear Kansas City War Zone Apartments

Local resident outrage amid a spate of local shooting during the Summer Homicide spike. Read more: Kansas City apartment residents fed up with constant violence creating dangerous living environment


Anonymous said...

What did you expect from these stinking animals? Everywhere they are, is squalor and crime. Yes, it's blacks.

Anonymous said...

Yes Sir,, hows all that Liberal Communist / Socialism working for ya'll now ????

Don't ya' just love it !!!!

After all that is what these Democratic Liberal Socialist / Communists are all about right !!!!

creating the perfect quiet peaceful living environment for you to live in, complete with Violence and Fear !!!

Who needs an alarm clock to wake up to, when you've got Degenerate Thug Gangsta's shooting each other every night,

along with Car Jackings
Armed Robberys
Drug fueled Gangsta' wars
Drive By shootings every night

Welcome to the Democratic Liberal Socialist / Communist idea of UTOPIA and everythings just a Land of Milk & Honey - and - Unicorns & Fairy's !!

After all that is What your PAYING TAXES for , right ?????

Welcome to Liberalism $$$$$$$$$

Anonymous said...

^^ True dat^^ BUT , where is your dog in this fight ,AND if you have one , wtf are you doing about it ? Besides babbling off.

Anonymous said...

I had some pet mice in a cage once. When they bred and overpopulated the environment, they ate each other. Moral of the story, if it wasn't for food stamps there would be less shooting.

Anonymous said...

What a laugh. They need to draw straws on which pack of thugs have to leave until the apartments are empty and we can save hundreds of thousands in tax payer section 8 money.