Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Fear Alleged WyCo Nonprofit Eviction Scam

Housing harsh times in this embattled community . . . Check the fallout and legal drama:

Wyandotte County District Attorney says nonprofit part of real estate scam threatening homeowners with eviction

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- The Wyadotte County District Attorney's Office calls it a real estate scam by a Kansas City nonprofit. Now the D.A. is suing that non-profit, called the Truman Road Corridor Association (TRCA), and its director.


Anonymous said...

When are people going to get that Non Profit does not equal a charity! 501c has turned into a fucking racket used to do business and beat taxes under the guise that you are advocating something needed. In many cases Non Profits are a tax dodge often owned by bigger corporations who pass their business work to the non profit. Visiting Nurses organizations are a very good example where hospital corporations send out their nurses under the non profit to serve the elderly and disadvantaged. In reality the nurses visit and the medical facilities rake in the bucks bye providing all kinds of medical services and support that is not critical to the patients. Guess who makes a profit off this public service?

I have no idea who was closing these house transfers, but I can almost bet they weren't hired by the buyers. It is quite customary for a title company to do title research and insure against the very shit that is going on in this case. It sounds to me the trap was set when the dumb fucks buying the homes didn't have a clue that normal people are automatically protected through proper research and closing procedures. The were bent over and set up before they even accepted the deed.

Anonymous said...

Biersmith was convicted of a fraudulent medical claim scam. Check it out!