Sunday, June 18, 2017

Everybody Loves The Speculative Kansas City Luxury Housing Bubble!!!

The party is over when public radio is touting investment Downtown high rent subsidized by taxpayers. Take a look:

Millenials, Baby Boomers Fuel Apartment Growth In Kansas City

Apartment construction in metropolitan Kansas City is hitting levels not seen since before the Great Recession with more than 5,000 units expected to be completed by the end of this year. Many of those projects are going up in downtown Kansas City and similar places such as old Overland Park, where developers say renters both young and old covet a walkable environment.


Anonymous said...

Reporting on what Collison says is repeating the grunts of a Hog

Anonymous said...

the future is bright, keep eating!

Anonymous said...

Taxpayers fuel the apartment growth. Without that developers would be panhandling on the Plaza.

Anonymous said...

“What’ been missing is the bodies who can walk out from the living unit to those services.”

That is because they keep getting run over by clueless drivers who do not know what pedestrians are.

Anonymous said...

Another all wood fire trap. Get ready for the "We didn't know" alibi.