Thursday, June 08, 2017

Downtown KCMO Convention Hotel Fix

Round-up from Fox4:

Opponents of downtown convention hotel upset voters will not get say in project using tax dollars

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Developers could get the green light to move forward with building a new downtown convention hotel Thursday. The City Council is expected to vote and approve the final details for the Hyatt hotel they want to build at Truman and Baltimore, across the street from the Convention Center.


Anonymous said...

J E Dunn isn't putting any money in! They are getting paid $350 Million in a No Bid contract!! No one knows where the money is coming from!!! Show us the Term Sheet, Quinton!!!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to how Communist LIBERAL Sly James runs his communist Liberal City !!!

and nobody is protesting ?????????

nobody demanding a RECALL & Investigation into this Mayor by Starte Officials and the State Auditor ????????

Kansas Citians you are truly stupid & ignorant !!!

Kansas City Mo. has gone truly full blown COMMUNIST / SOCIALIST !!!

Enjoy your High Crime Rates and HIGHER TAXES to support those Degenerate Commies !

Anonymous said...

You don't understand socialism do you?

Anonymous said...

^^^ no, we don't. Explain it to us, Bernie Sanders. I'm sure that it'll make for entertaining reading.

Anonymous said...

Such a shame


Anonymous said...

Great, more jobs for mexicans...