Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Considering Both Sides Of Kansas Budget

Reader suggested link crunches the numbers. You decide if the Guv Brownback experiment deserves further consideration beyond MSM reaction to a political victory. Take a look:

The yardstick for the Kansas experiment

As noted by Ed Flentje in the Wichita Eagle: As a newly elected governor in 2011 Brownback embraced the discredited, tax-cut dogma of Arthur Laffer in the belief that tax cuts would dramatically stimulate economic growth. He told a friendly audience that cutting income tax rates would generate even more revenue for government.

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Anonymous said...

The problem was, this idea was rife for corruption and cronyism from the get go. I do not know if Brownback was naive or complicit, but after the no income tax for LLCs popped up and a colossal amount of large earners suddenly set up tax-free LLC's for their paychecks to go to, the problems should have been immediately clear. The job creation was nil. All at the same time the State was punitively charging SALES tax on EMPLOYEE LABOR (in construction specifically) rather than goods; though this has been going on for 7ish years at least. I'm a conservative, but Brownback has been a failure for a long time.