Thursday, June 01, 2017

Broke-Ass Kansas Selling Tobacco Bonds

Cancer cash is the last refuge of this state comping with broken supply side promises and equally repugnant high-tax solutions. Take a look:

Kansas House committee considers selling off tobacco assets to help fix budget deficit

The House budget committee scrutinized a measure Thursday selling bonds backed by tobacco litigation settlements to help fill the next two fiscal years' projected $900 million dollar deficit. Gov. Sam Brownback floated a similar proposal in the 2016 legislative session, but it was met with resistance. Andover Republican Sen.


Anonymous said...

Brown-n-broke-back Kansas. Heart of the "New Dixie".

Let's just keep stealing from the future to pay for deficits today.

Is this really conservatism?

Anonymous said...

Yep...conservatism is bankrupt. Scamin Sammy is living proof that trickle-down economics don't work.