Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Advocates Of Abortion Baby Killing Decry Missouri Politico Chicken Slaughter Clip

Quote TKC on this because GOP hegemony in the state house has brought us here . . . TKC Quote Of the Day: "Missouri is becoming the 'Florida' of the Midwest."

Here is evidence of as much that we've linked previously but now seems to be hitting the national chat/joke circuit . . . And I'm not sure how killing chickens gets across the point that abortion is an atrocity.

Missouri state rep introduces anti-abortion bill in video of himself killing a chicken

A Missouri state representative on Monday posted a video on Facebook of himself beheading and skinning a chicken, while announcement a new bill aimed at banning abortions in the state. In a trailing monologue, state Rep.


Byron Funkhouser said...

He wanted to show that he was an ignorant heyseed, with just a dash of pyschopath.

He can choose to not have an abortion when he gets pregnant.

Anonymous said...

Did he bake or fricasee the chicken afterwards? That is the only real question. Everything else is just rhetoric.

Anonymous said...

You all get worried about a chicken, but simply shrug it off as unborn humans are sliced apart...


Anonymous said...

Accidents do happen where a pill or a condom fails. I'm not in favor of abortion. I am in favor of PREVENTION. Use condoms and get some good contraception meds to avoid having to make that decision in the first place.