Saturday, May 27, 2017

West Nile Kills Meth Town Youngster???

Local fear of plague htting the Kansas City area working-class . . .

Metro 8-year-old boy dies suddenly and mysteriously with symptoms that match West Nile Virus

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- A metro father is in shock. His 8-year-old son died mysteriously on Tuesday, now the little boy's possible cause of death has his family reeling. Dennis Burd got sick last weekend and his parents figured it was the flu.

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holly Gilmore said...

Do we really need to call him a "meth town youngster"??? I know this little boy and his family and this is complete bullshit. The title of this article is offensive as fuck and it hasn't been confirmed that it was the west Nile virus so quit using sweet dennis as a scare tactic and get your shit straight.