Sunday, May 07, 2017


It was a wild weekend in Kansas City but, thankfully, the quotient of local homicide has seen a decline over the past few days.

Nevertheless . . .


Multiple gun blasts echoed through Midtown and Downtown over the weekend as authorities struggled to keep up with reports from residents.

Meanwhile, gunfire locator tech deployed in Kansas City years ago does't seem very effective in curbing so many random gun blasts throughout the metro.

Sadly, the weekend isn't over just yet and this latest shooting incident doesn't bode well for the future . . .

KSHB: Police are investigating a shooting on E. Meyer Blvd. and Swope Pkwy. Sunday night.

And so, we take this brief pause and hope that locals are considering alternative strategies to curb local shootings as the Summer quickly approaches.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Alternative strategy: Duck & cover.

Anonymous said...

The threat of the technology might not have stopped the gunfire but it does help make a case against people who were caught.

Bryan M. Stalder, Esq. said...

Just my opinion but shot spotter is a feel good idea that is being sold to municipalities by a private company. I personally believe our resources would be better spent on an education campaign or a gun buy back program.

Anonymous said...

sirens going nuts in KCMO. Scanner is lit up. chased to 635 in KCK chasing hispanic subjects who ditched a car and gun. K-9 unit requested to track down.

They are setting up a large perimeter now.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the local homicidal folks are doing just that,tkc

In fact there's probably a small group of fucked in the head,corner- hanging,convicted violent felons ,brainstorming on alternatives ...right now!!
Probably at 35th & prospect.

Go see what they've come up with...would ya?

Anonymous said...

They got the suspect. Now call just came in black man with a gun at some gas station on prospect threatening customers. sending units.

Anonymous said...

now an officer involved shooting tonight is coming over. also an attempted robbery.

its fucking nuts tonight.

Anonymous said...

Well it IS soul night, after all.

Anonymous said...

two robbery shooting suspects black males, or darker skinned hispanics.

--diff call: 110th st now gunshots being heard. 10shots. There are many crime scenes going on at once in KCMO tonight. for a sunday too. im telling you this warm weather brings em out.

--north lawndale, black male with handgun running into someones garage to hide from running up the street from supposed crime scene

--burglary coming over radio. black male in brown hoodie

--prowler on east 12th st. white male in a coat on side of someones house

--wagon busy tonight

This is just in a short period of time.

Anonymous said...

New: 5133 franklin st another armed robbery

5 suspects, 3 with guns in cream colored car.

Anonymous said...

What I learned tonight? In KCMO its not safe to be outside after dark. I mean we all know that, but this shit coming over the scanner really drives it in the head.

NEW: call just came in black male waving around gun in middle of st on blue ridge


--2890 quinotte code 1.
--5600 olive st 3 shots fired
--2712 benton disturbance reported
-- I 70 black mustang speeding and shooting at vehicles!
--3307 Benton burglary in progress

Holy shit I cant even keep up with what is coming through the scanner.

Anonymous said...

4916 wabash shots fired

Anonymous said...

--two black males with dreads dragged a white female wearing a tank top up some stairs into an apartment while she was screaming

Anonymous said...

--18th st onramp KCK another chase is going down. Dodge Charger running from the po po.

--6245 prospect disturbance. several people involved.

--3 black males in ski masks. Early 2000's model gray sedan with red sticker on trunk with a zig zag shape or V shape. shot at victim. all three are armed.

--bail bond company out looking for a bail jumper in KCMO

Anonymous said...

--3515 euclid shots fired.

shots fired tonight all across KCMO. Many of these are east of 71 highway. The armed robberies tonight seem to be close to or on Prospect. Update from earlier on the black male taking his clothes off on blue ridge...he was found with no pants and no shoes wrestling himself.

--multiple prowlers reported tonight. Multiple burglaries mostly in homes that are being remodeled. They are breaking in to steal power tools and home rehab equipment. I suspect these are the homes going for 100 bucks promoted by KCMO people are buying from the city and trying to rehab. Its a perfect target for local thieves who know what is going on. They know someone from out of state or the area is buying them and fixing them up so there are supplies in them left by contractors.

No updates on the screaming white woman dragged into an apartment by two black males.

KCMO street have a lot of shell casings on them tonight

white boy got rowdy downtown and refused to leave a bar all wasted

multiple vehicles shooting from their cars at people or on the highways tonight

police units stressed, doing an excellent job in responses but I can tell they have a LOT on their hands.

KCMO dispatch dealing with numerous conflicts at once manning the radios and phone call ins. Handling it well and professionally.

New shell casings just found on blue ridge.

Realized the "mayors night" isnt going to do shit to stop what is coming over the scanner.

Jermaine Reed isnt going to do shit to stop this either. He cant.

Only the National Guard can fix this

More shots just reported...south 71 highway 1:04am

Some of the exact address locations are unable to be listed because radio interference. There are so many calls coming in the communications keep getting interrupted.

4707 E 27th disturbance call black female/battery

626 hardesty disturbance, someone armed with a butcher knife

369 highlands disturbance report. someone banging on the door trying to force in.

4707 e 47th. radio emergency alert. Cut off before transmission.

1816 broadway armed robbery 2 black males stole wallet and cell phone. Stole his backpack with laptop. Tracking suspects by laptop GPS.

Anonymous said...

1:30am its starting to calm down a little bit. The mood is getting more relaxed over the radio. I suspect those who were out doing dirt did their dirt, and are back home for the night. They know once it is 2am or later everyone is a suspect on the road to the po-leece, and their chances of getting caught go up significantly.

Domestic violence calls seem to be taking over now. The alcohol is kicking in for people in KCMO. This city is so fucked. People that come here from out of town for events need to be given maps on areas to avoid.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your input 1:20, it's much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for posting so much. Not trying to be spam like, but this stuff tonight is just blowing my mind. Its Sunday night and I cant even count the number of shootings I heard over the scanner. I couldnt keep up. Shooting then robbery, then burglar, then prowler, then more shootings, more robbing, over and over. It was intense for a couple hours.

Im still listening and more shootings coming over right now. Just heard a ton of gunshots over the scanner picked up. 64th street last location listed. Sirens overbearing the coms on radio. Huge highway shutdown coming right now. EMS on way. Something serious just happened. Multiple units going, air traffic on the way. Male shooter.

Second action going on with a woman with a knife and stabbing. Black male stabbed by black woman. waiting at gas station for help.

Anonymous said...

victim 35th prospect. black male.

Mikeyquaff said...

Again,i live in baltimore maryland.kansas city could learn from baltimore.then again they killing each other out here 24/7. I seen 7 people shot dead just on my block alone since july

Mikeyquaff said...

If kansas city dosent do whatever it takes to fix this stuff,its going to become baltimore sister city and that,would be a damned shame

Anonymous said...

Chief Forte what have you left us with? This is crazy! What did you do to stop this?


--Two SUVs going over 100mph going into opposing traffic on Truman running into each other.

--Sirens going off everywhere

--westbound on Truman and askew for the SUV high speed battle

Anonymous said...

some dude shot in the stomach. He is alive and responsive. Not sure which shooting location this report came from. too many reports coming in and cutting off coms. EMS is busy tonight.

Anonymous said...

truman and brooklyn is now shut down by police dept. crime scene

Anonymous said...

Look I dont know if this is a weird offset night, but this kind of action is not reported by the KCMO news. Its not discussed by City Hall. This is far worse than what we are being told while we are asked to tax ourselves more while being told everything is under control. Its all about the bottom line. Stats be damned, we need $800 million, right? I dont remember hearing any of that 800M going towards eliminating the crime problem in the mailers.

MODOT is coming out to block of streets in KCMO for whatever this crime scene is. Might be the one on 71. Crashes involved tonight. Not sure which one this is. Might be the I-29 vehicle crash.

4 shots just went off south of the most recent crime scene where MODOT is going. Metro units on the way.

Helo just took off from downtown airport. Moving with a purpose, yet the report is saying the helo is done for the night. Possibly private helo then.

Anonymous said...

Crime is being under-reported in KCMO in order to sell more tax bills for infrastructure projects and million dollar studies. TKC was right all along. City Hall has too much influence on local KCMO news. KCMO news stations = fake news.

Anonymous said...

shit, scanner is picking back up. I was wrong about it calming down. The domestic violence is the primary though. North of the river is getting more DV calls now.

Anonymous said...

Get an audio copy of KCMO dispatch from 10:30pm to 3am from May 7th to May 8th. Listen to it, and the ask yourself if Mayor James has control of Kansas City.

Anonymous said...

Forte' let this city kill itself. As long as he was allowed to fill his pockets with comp time money and 190,000 annual salary he didn't give a shit. Sly wants the department to fail, he let Forte' run the department into the ground. A failing department plays right into his local control plans. The department is down 150 police officers and NOVA has bled the field dry. Officers can't even think about initiative activity as we are running from call to call. Who would want to do it anyway? We work for a heavy handed asshole in patrol who thinks he can whip us into shape by beating us down with minor violations. He has been nothing but Forte's executioner, hopefully he will leave soon too. No commander has been as universally despised as he has in my 18 years.

Wait until summer, this is just a warm up.

Citizen said...

The scanner is very informative. I can't figure out or understand why the city wouldn't spend money on hiring Patrol Officers to Patrol the streets to keep our Citizens safer?

Anonymous said...

All of that amazing amount of crime being reported on that guys scanner, I bet at least 95% is being committed by black people, especially the violent crime. I don't know what it takes for some of you to see the realities of the black race.

Anonymous said...

If the scanner narrative doesn't scare the crap out of area residents, they really have their heads up their butts.
And there's a short title for what's been posted on this thread:
Ride along sometime on the dog watch (from 7:30pm-6:30am) on a Friday, Saturday, or apparently on a Sunday, and watch what goes on.
I don't think the silly term "frosty" will come to mind.

Dukey said...

The gro race. Savagery ghetto mentality

Anonymous said...

...and goes on.

Anonymous said...

For some of us,you retarded weasel fuck. Goddamn,are you annoyingly fucking stupid.

Just shut up.Not another dumdass comment from you today,or I'll have tkc ban you. Ya,I got it like that