Thursday, May 11, 2017


Cashill recounts teen hijinks in vivid deets via from the Platte County Citizen Write-Up . . .

Northland Teens Go Gangster in Wild Shoot-Out - The Sentinel

In one of the wildest Northland shoot-outs since Bonnie and Clyde burst out of their Platte City motor court, two Northland high schoolers laid low one of their drug customers near Zona Rosa and were promptly charged with murder.


Anonymous said...

Cool. More OT for the Police Chief.

Anonymous said...

A Latino and a Black involved in illegal drug sales which turned into murder?

I'm shocked! Who ever heard of such a thing?

Is Zona Rosa the up-and-coming new KCKS?

Anonymous said...

Biggest suprize black people lesbian pride bitchery terrorist trying to get drugs from beaner illegal scumbags wetback , again and again and again and again.

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me as is the colored boy came with bad intentions and failed miserably at succeeding with them..In any case, you have young nimrods,one-trying his luck as a drug dealer.dealing drugs/weed,whatever, outta mommy & daddy's home,(smart kid)..two-We have colored boy gonna come over on the premise to buy some dope ,(Sike).He comes over intending to pull a robbery -(smart kid).now ,both are armed of course because -you can't be a big boy badass,slinging dope outta parents house,without one-
And of course -you can't be a big boy,wannabe gangsta,trying his hand at robbing dope dealers without one ,(genius)...dope boys' faster on the drawl.colored boy,dead.dope boy in jail with 500.000 k bond & murder charge...fucked his life and parents life up forever..

Lesson--amateur dope dealer,little punk ass fuck,deals with black punk ass little puke (never should be done).black future convict dead and shifter brains fucks parents over..oh ya,real lesson learned in this tremendous quag = Never deal with colored people, especially deals like this!!!
And Do Not try to be a "baller" while still under mommy's wing!!