Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Visit KC Honcho Talks Downtown Tourism

Insights on the imaginary 25 million tourists this town doesn't entertain every year . . .

Guest commentary: Kansas City must keep thinking big

A thought crossed my mind recently. Country music fans collided with NASCAR fanatics on the KC Streetcar. Graduates flooded the Kansas City Convention Center, and families filled the sidewalks as they traveled to their Mother's Day brunches. That's when it hit me: Downtown Kansas City is back - and it's back in a big way.


Anonymous said...

This article is so BOGUS it's sickening. Downtown Kansas City may have had some people on mother's day but the streets were not filled! No one goes downtown unless there is an event or to the market on Saturday morning. The plaza was not even that busy on mother's day, actually it was concerning how few people were out. The plaza has become so dirty you cant't even walk down the stairs in the parking garage because you stick to the stairs and hand rails, not to mention the career beggars who bother people, and fear of gangs.

I would like to know what SJR 39 has to do with visit KC, the author of this article needs to get his story straight. No one has refused service to gay people unless it violates their faith, and that has not happened in KC!

So basically the author of this story is trying to throw in exactly what kind of people he wants to visit KC, and what kind not to visit, also building up a story that is not true!!

The Plaza and the rest of Kansas city has a problem and everyone knows it!

Anonymous said...

Toot toot. Hype. Hoot. Cross many palms with silver. Clunk.

Anonymous said...

8:44 AM-TL/DR

Anonymous said...

10:53 AM. = TS/CR