Monday, May 22, 2017


Important neighborhood push back as the debate in Midtown and Brookside rages on . . . Here's the word and a look at the state of the campaign. Checkit:


You definitely have the Hotel Developers worried. Keep up the good work! Lets push hard this last week and we will reach our goal. As you remember the developer accosted one of our petitioners last week. It was determined the attacker was Mike Burke himself. Now his people are out spreading more propaganda on their position. The flyer above is full of false information; Let’s break it down:

1.) No general fund money. They're taking $35Million from the CVB budget. That’s tax payer money. They’re giving them $5 million in land which belongs to the taxpayer. As far as the GO bond money, remember the GO Bond was for “infrastructure”. They could easily say sidewalks, curbs, water lines, sewers, electrical, driveways, etc. are all infrastructure. So #1 is a load of crap.

2.) Jobs will be created by any worthwhile project built on that property. It does not have to be a taxpayer funded hotel. This project will simply move the permanent jobs from one hotel to another. It will possibly put 13 caterers out of business since the new hotel will have exclusive rights to all the catering at Bartle Hall and The Convention Center, so those jobs will be lost or transferred. They said the same thing about Power and Light and no new jobs were created. People just moved around. More BS.

3.) Any worthwhile project on this property will generate taxes unless like this hotel, the taxes are abated for 25 years, so it won’t create any taxes. The $300,000,000 is the cost of the hotel. It is over 50% taxpayer money ($167,000,000 is the taxpayer’s share).

4.) Ruled illegal?? The Supreme Court of Missouri has ruled differently now. The first judge made an error. More fake trivia.

If people don’t sign the petition and vote against this project, they are putting the city at great risk of a BIG HURT like having another debt to pay off like the $15,000,000 we have to cough up every year on Power and Light, so Cordish Co. can continue to donate to the mayor’s campaigns.

Stay strong… Work hard… We will succeed in spite of the intimidation and lies being spread…

Citizens for Responsible Government


Anonymous said...

This borders on bond fraud! Bring in the SEC and the FBI!

Anonymous said...

kcmo has degenerated.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sly!

Anonymous said...

agree with the petitioners here, some of the claims from this flier are maddening but it's really a sign of desperation.

Anonymous said...

Since Citizens for Responsible Government has accomplished nothing, maybe this time will be the charm.


Retro ROCKER said...


Anonymous said...

People are lemmings. They'll follow and believe anything the mayor, city manager and council say. S'lie could literally piss on most of the people in this town and tell them it's raining and they'll believe every DROP of it. This is VERY similar to Kay Barnes telling everyone 10+ years ago that the P&L wouldn't cost tax payers a dime. Yet, here we are having to take $15 million dollars per year to cover the cost of the bonds as their projections were grossly inflated.

How is this boondoggle any different? S'lie is saying tax payer money won't be used for the hotel when it's clear as day that $35M in cash and land is going towards the project. The taxes generated from the increased value of the property is TAX PAYER money. S'lie is a lawyer by trade. So he's trained to twist words and their meaning to make something look like something it ain't.

But leave it to the people of KCMO. They'll support this thief to no end. Then bitch about why their taxes are so high. Same shit different day. And the kicker is that S'lie won't be around to clean up the mess as I'm sure in 2 years when his term is up he'll catch the next thing smoking to DC for his next foray in to politics.

If this hotel is such a slam dunk then Hyatt truly wouldn't need a dime of our money. We are going to be paying HALF the cost of this thing but will get ZERO return on it. It SHOULD NOT be the responsibility of tax payers to insure the financial success of ANY private project. I can't afford a $1 million dollar home so I won't buy a $1 million dollar home. If Hyatt can't afford to pay for this thing 100% themselves are unwilling to take that chance then they shouldn't be doing it. And our government shouldn't be putting our financial interests at risk in an effort to coerce them into doing it. It'd be different if Hyatt was going to split the profits 50/50. But we'll get no such benefit. Not even close. We're basically DONATING over $160 million dollars of tax payer money to this project. And then S'lie gets to ride off into the sunset with all his money from his corporate buddies and leave us holding the bag.