Monday, May 15, 2017


Mayor Sly's rigged bidding idea hasn't seemed to impress ANYONE in Kansas City and there hasn't been any significant defense of the idea from anybody but the consultant class . . . And so, just to be ironic . . . We link these PR Hype that tells us just a bit more than all of the other celebratory coverage before the idea was SMACKED DOWN via social media. Checkit:

A First of its Kind in the Nation -- The City of Kansas City, Missouri Partners with Private Companies to Design, Build and Finance a New One Terminal Airport

"Burns & McDonnell is committed to investing in the city we all love and provide a creative solution to a challenge," says Ray Kowalik , Chairman and CEO, Burns & McDonnell. "Burns & McDonnell is the largest engineering consulting firm in and we have significant airport design and construction experience.


Anonymous said...

if a new airport is to be built for a billion dollars plus, it shouldn't be an opaque crony deal. it should be a rigorous, serious project.

imagine the holes for untold sums of money to leak out in a crony deal.

even a transparent, competitive contract would have a lot of room for profiteering, but a rigged structure would have much less discipline and surveillance.

whether the mayor was naive or arrogant in accepting and promoting an inside deal isn't clear. but somebody's acting in bad faith for the whole notion of a no-bid to have even seen the light of day, imho.

Anonymous said...

Burns & Mac is running a con!! They and Sly are fabricating a story that KC Taxpayers pay for KCI now.

Shame on you Sly....KC taxpayers DO NOT PAY for KCI!!! Only the airlines and airport uses pay for KCI. No City tax revenue goes to pay for KCI, and none will go for a new terminal whether funded by voted Airport Revenue Bonds or privately funded by a NO BID contract with Burns & Mac! It will just be more expensive if B & M designs and builds it without competition!

This is Crony Capitalism at its worst!!! The South Koreans just overthrew a government for this kind of B S!

This is the kind of thing they do in Venezuela and Guatemala...banana republics.

Shame on Sly James and any council people who vote for this! WE ARE WATCHING!!!!!

Anonymous said...

We wouldn't have this problem if it wasn't for the unelected Ward Parkway carpetbaggers club. Sorry retirement is boring to Dan and Pat. Now we all got to pay for their desire to see their names in the paper.

Anonymous said...

Get busy polishing that bullhorn!!

Anonymous said...

Save KCI!

Save flyer convenience!

Resist crony, backroom deals!

Vote against the billion-plus boondoggle!

Byron Funkhouser said...

"First of its kind in the nation."

So, you're smarter than everyone else, or dumber ...

Anonymous said...

this is not a new concept nor a new issue. for a long time, competitive bidding has been the norm on public projects, especially large ones.

the reasons that bidding is required are obvious and won't be repeated here.

everybody in pendergast's hometown should be aware of what happens with no-bidding-type projects.

that's why the very presentation of the prepackaged, no-bid deal is astounding on its face.

Anonymous said...

Holy Crapshoot! Where in the hell did Burns & McDonnell come from in this airport discussion? They have been quietly brokering a deal with Honorable Sly and not-so-honorable Troy behind closed doors. And what about that bullcrap argument that B&M are going to take care of everything and we, the taxpayers, aren't on the hook for anything but higher airline tickets, parking, food & beverages in the terminal, and don't forget all those upscale shopping opportunities. Bull and Crap.

Folks, please read all the information on this deal. Be afraid of something that sounds too good to be true. Because it will be.

Anonymous said...

Recently seeing some New Century AirCenter teevee ads. Convenience, efficiency, and "growing" are mentioned. Hmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Recently seeing some New Century AirCenter teevee ads. Convenience, efficiency, and "growing" are mentioned. Hmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

an airport in kansas is not a pipedream, it's a pipe nightmare and is not going to happen.

the nimby from middle class kansas suburbanites would be deafening.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be more logical to post some of the SMACKDOWN?

No? Oh because there isn't any?

That must be why.