Monday, May 08, 2017


The quest for a new Kansas City Chief of police begins this evening.

Here's an important reminder about KCMO public input into the process and the first meeting that starts across the bridge.

Tonight's meeting: 6:30 to 8 p.m.: May 8 – Maplewoods Community College Arbor Room, Campus Center (CC10), 2601 N.E. Barry Rd.

More interestingly . . .


A few lines we've pulled from the brochure . . .

Qualifications: "The Chief of Police will be expected to demonstrate and promote the highest standards of personal and professional conduct. The Ideal Candidate will have an open style of management and will work collaboratively with City leadership (City Manager, Mayor and City Council, and Executive Management Team), community stakeholders and members of the Department. The Chief of Police will be considered a progressive leader and be recognized for being an ongoing contributor to the advancement of the profession. KCPD’s next Chief of Police will also be well-versed in all operational and administrative aspects of a modern progressive police agency . . ."

Compensation: "The salary range for the Chief of Police is $80,220 to $189,768 per year and placement within the range is dependent upon experience, qualifications, and professional achievement. In addition, a generous executive benefits program including car allowance will be offered and may include relocation assistance."

Pull quote: 

"Over the past three years, homicides have increased 61% from 78 homicides in 2014 to 125 homicides in 2016, and is continuing the upward trend in 2017. Most homicides were committed with firearms, and violent crime is concentrated within certain geographic areas of the City."

Selection process: "The results of this meeting will be a select group of 5-6 top tier individuals (“Focus Group”) that will be required to sign a release form in order to proceed further in a Public Forum."

Developing . . . 


Anonymous said...

The new boss should know what kind of mess he's getting into.

Adrian G. said...

The selection process hasn't really changed that much over the past 6 years. I would have there would have been a way to incorporate more technology into the process. Maybe not an open forum but possibly a live feed for people to watch or questions we can tweet to a selection committee for them to read. KC police are good with keeping up with tech and they should be allowed to be more creative here as well. Maybe a tweet along?

But a bunch of boring old community meetings is a legacy of the past. Let's open the thing up and let people participate or least watch the process.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ +1

Good suggestions from TKC comments for a change.

Anonymous said...

Get your kicks @ 136

Anonymous said...

No way to shine this turd. New police chief will face enormous pressure to reduce problems that are outside his/her control. Guns are readily available, crime and gang culture reigns in most of those neighborhoods -- what can be done?

Anonymous said...

Can candidate's have a felony on their record ? An old one,that he's really sorry about..

Anonymous said...

Salrary range of 80K to 189K? I bet the police chief of Odessa makes more than 80K.

Anonymous said...

Why bother with public forums? Unelected police commissioners have already sent out what they want in the new chief. Bet they also have a candidate in mind.
No mention of wanting experience in high tech.

Jeffrey McDonald said...

Here is what will happen.

A black police chief will be hired. The KC Star and local media will genuflect in front of the altar of political correctness and exclaim his many virtues and expectations for reduced crime in the short term future. Meetings of all types will be attended by MSM with City Hall officials, neighborhood groups, "community activists", local Captains of Industry (Especially those beholding to City Hall) and blah...., blah..., blah..., plans will be made to end the violence, the murder, the rapes and the criminality.

But, what will remain are the two ingredients that will dictate the failure, metaphysical failure of all of the very best of intentions.

1) The hyper violent, blood simple, death grinding idiocy of the African American Sub Culture. Complete with rap music, drugs, a legacy of hatred for cops and all whites, indolence, entitlement, violence, misogyny and the litany of negative, pernicious activities, in combination with the glorification of that same culture, by Democrats, Hollywood and the MSM, will feed this cultural pathology and grow it ever stronger.

2)The Ferguson Effect. All the talk and bullshit in the world, will not make cops become pro-active and mitigate the rampantly metastasizing rate of African American criminality. No cop, with half of a brain is going to involve themselves in disputes amongst blacks, for fear of being sued, fired, destroyed, killed and jailed for the effort.

In cities all over America, Chicago, Baltimore, here in KC, the Ferguson Effect is the LOGICAL and expected outcome when the Media, politicians and City Hall, forces Law Enforcement Personnel to see crime through a dark prism of racial exploitation fostered by the insane theories of a Progressive-Democrat-Liberal crucible.

Places like The Plaza, Westport and other neighborhoods on the front lines of spreading inner city miasma, will continue to fail and fall to demographic destiny and death.

Not a fuckin thing will change and you can expect a continuation in the escalation of murder, rape, violence and intimidation by way of the benefits of diversity.

I am dead, in a Black on White Hate Crime here in this city. I am one of tens of thousands of whites, killed by blacks in a tsunami of racial hatred that the MSM ignores.

Anonymous said...

Why have a police department when you've effectively neutered their ability to enforce the law by making them subservient to a black population responsible for a shocking amount of the criminal activities?

The crisis in this city, is individual black people breaking the law, collectively, at levels requiring a major police response which if implemented automatically is equated with racism, racial profiling, and bigotry, immediately garnering a phone call from black clergy to the ACLU, the media, and to other black advocacy groups.

There can be no law and order in America until we talk openly about black crime and its root causes (genetic differences, not white privilege or systemic bias within the justice system).

Until then, cities like Kansas City will cede all moral authority to black clergy, community activists, the Kansas City Star, the MSM and force their police to enact a standard operating procedure where to even consider arresting a black male for a crime is tantamount to a far, far worse form of oppression.

It's to perpetuate white stereotypes of blacks as criminals, which will soon be an arresting offense.

Anonymous said...

The reasons why the police clear so few of the murders here in KC. are not hard to understand.

First of all there is the shear number of incidents. Wyatt Earp and his friends and brothers in the most famous gun fight of all time only killed three people. Jack The Ripper only killed about four or five prostitutes. But in Chicago or any other big city ghetto today, there are many black teenagers who have probably killed a half dozen or more people personally. The criminal justice system cannot deal with so many so fast. The Jackson County Jail is full of these idiots. That's why on D-Day at Normandy we didn't send over one lawyer for each soldier to read some German his rights.

Secondly if you read Sherlock Holmes you expect the detective to slowly uncover secret plots and lay bare the trail of false clues. The detective is trained to uncover motives. But so many of these black-on-black crimes seem to be virtually unmotivated. No one ever seems to have 'decided' to kill someone - it just happens, and the black culprit is surprised along with his family and friends.

Young ghetto blacks are like 'thermal neutrons' just waiting to explode in a chain reaction when nudged by another neutron. In the right circumstances they kill, and everyone is taken by surprise. The pattern of urban black violence seems to be that the nominal actors in the drama don't initiate action so much as it just happens to them. Maybe this is why all the wailing mothers are so often confused.

That's also why it is cruel to punish blacks.

I just got a puppy. He has eaten two of my slippers and two plastic bottle as well as shedding all the paper he can pull out of the trash can. But I don't punish him. He acts without reason. Similarly we should never punish black teens for murder.

But we should 'put them to sleep'.

We no longer punish the mentally ill or the mentally defective any more than we would whip a horse. Similarly we should just dispose of black murder suspects as humanely as possible and at the least expense.

Anonymous said...

7:47 I could go for that philosophy but have you ever heard of spillover ?

Its real and in effect in all the burbs- the places we go to get away from them and all their shit- the police have to do the best they can to keep them in check,the best they can,or were ALL fucked!

More cop's. Give em all raises.let's get a white chief in ,and let's all stand behind these men & women who do their best to keep us safe.

Anonymous said...

I have contacts on the inside at City Hall.

Everything is going to be ok. The City will make sure, that the new Police Chief is a proponent of Mid-Night Basketball, or they won't even interview them.


Close call!

Anonymous said...

Many of the previous comments are right on the mark, especially those which emphasize the cowardly and PC inability to even discuss the actual causes of the carnage, much less to even try to actually do something about it.
This process will be like pretty much every other "public policy" decision in KCMO.
There will be dog-and-pony shows of "town hall meetings" and "community input", mostly by people who don't have a clue about the issues, have an ax to grind, or are looking for "funding" for their own worthless nonprofit "organization".
The usual suspects will be roaming the halls of city hall button-holing the electeds and even threatening and intimidating them.
The real decisions will be made under-the-table and behind closed doors and will involve the usual insiders, their agendas, and their personal financial benefit.
If you do the same thing the same way with the same people, you get the same results.
Nothing will change.
There will be continue to be one-third the number of murders in KCMO as there are in New York City, the great majority of the homicides will take place in a 60 square block area east of Troost, and over half of them will remain unsolved due to lack of cooperation by the community.
Anyone who can move from that area will do so, the neighborhoods will continue to deteriorate, and crime, violence, and murders will continue to spread throughout the city and into the greater metro.
It's really too bad that KCMO doesn't have an actual city government that addresses issues like public safety serious to its residents and businesses instead of a gang of celebrity amateur developer wannabes that are more interested in petty politics and what they're going to run for next than they are in doing their jobs.

Anonymous said...

The Board of Police Commissioners will screw this up, just wait!

Yes, they will practice discrimination and make sure to choose a new black police chief. They won't publicly state this, but everyone paying attention knows how the reverse discrimination game is played.

Please notice the code language "progressive" used several times. This is forewarning all applicants that they will be entering liberal Democratic territory. Don't apply if you can't play this game.

Compensation between $80 and 190K? Please! This was inserted to pacify the public watchdogs. There is absolutely NO way in hell that an outside candidate is coming to KCMO to take over this Democratic Murder Factory for less than the top end of that pay-scale. Expect the total compensation package to be in the $250k range.

In KCMO and Jackson County, remember, it's all about providing the illusion of progress. Examples: KCMO Mayor and Council, outgoing KCPD Chief Forte, JaCo Executive Frank White and previously Mike Sanders.

Save yourself and family, move out of KCMO, or at least into the Northland.

Anonymous said...

Rest in peace jeff...

Anonymous said...

9:38...I did notice the term progressive used several times, and I wondered if anyone else caught that, of course they will all accuse us of being paranoid, but it's as plain as day and speaks volumes.

The problem with moving out of Kansas City is...A lot of these liberals have supported all of the liberal crap in K.C. then they moved to the suburbs for a better way of life and start with their liberal crap there too.

I sold and moved to the suburbs a year ago after watching Kansas City get run down by Sly James and friends, only to see liberals move from midtown to the suburbs, and that just makes my blood boil.

Anonymous said...

Shakespeare wrote " First we kill all the lawyers". Lawyers was the wrong word but the again England didn't have that issue to deal with.

Byron Funkhouser said...

Believing that someone can stop the carnage is insane.

Believing that this has nothing to do with guns is insane.

The present is the logical consequence of the past.

9:38 is an integral part of your dysfunction.

Byron Funkhouser said...

10:42 instead of 9:38

Dukey said...

Ghetto mentality, lust for violence,no conflict resolution, I remember they had the "squash it" campaign 25 years ago, there no pacifying these young afro American negros , there's not , take out a gun and shoot 9 people trying to hit one, n it's the guns fault Byron, not the shitbeast behind it. Ss deathsquads the only resolution

Anonymous said...

I am 46.born and raised here.I've lived here all my life except for 5 years in Houston.

Kcmo has,in my lifetime, always had a terrible murder rate. 70s,80s,90s,2000s.
It's been a tough,violent town.

The only changes I've seen is the crime has spread to parts of the city that previously weren't affected with murders and shit. South kc has turned into an absolute pit,in my time here and up north has seen a major uptick in crime.

Like I said,nothing new.murder has been a big part of kc since the 60s
Its just spreading to different parts of town,with the pass of every couple years.

Anonymous said...

Get out of the Midwest and get a chief that knows how to manage. If we don't get some new blood into KCPD and change the culture and morale the department is sunk.

Anonymous said...

Sure Byron, you ignorant slut, all of those gangbangers will turn in their guns just as soon as more gun laws are on the books.

Take a deep breath and get ready for a deep thought, at least for you.



Byron, it is black people who are the cause of 90% of the dysfunction and violence in the U.S.

Now, go ahead and cover your ears and scream "ICAN'T HEAR YOU!!!"


Anonymous said...

"Shitbeast" LOL

Anonymous said...

The Kansas Shitty Police Department.

Anonymous said...

Summed up nicely.

Anonymous said...

Good one chuck!!!

If you're a white supremacist, I mean.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome 'lil Byron, you race baiter you.

Citizen said...

God Bless KCPD. The Officers are wonderful and work hard to keep us safe.

Anonymous said... the stadiums....

Anonymous said...

Why can't we get a red neck white cracker type that never saw a negro he ever liked?

Anonymous said...

^^ cause I don't want the job.

Anonymous said...

2017 its OPEN SEASON in KCMO where everyone is a Target everywhere !

KCMO is the New IRAQ as hundreds are shot everynite

Ohhh by the way IF ya' know anything,, Call 474 - TIPS

Sing a long now,,, If ya' know anything call 474-tips

sing it baby,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Anonymous said...

How about you get a good paying job and move to suburbs away from the shit