Friday, May 26, 2017


An impressive bit of journalism from our blog community that offers a peek at the behind the scenes conversation and a glimpse of discontent over current corporate tactics.

To wit . . .


Here's the word on the hush, hush and to protect both the innocent and corrupt alike with hope that one of the top players in Kansas City listens to a growing groundswell of discontent . . .

Source: Insider breaks rank

An employee at Burns and McDonnell Engineering confirms that campaign donations were made to Mayor Sylvester James following pressure/inducement from management.

Speaking strictly off-the-record, as an anonymous source, the individual expressed concern that in their zeal for company growth, Burns and McDonnell management is inadvertently impugning their own reputation and placing at risk the future of employee/owners.

In exchange for communicating with us, the individual insisted that the following points be highlighted:

1. Because we're employee/owners, Burns and McDonnell has a very protective insular corporate culture. It's a great company to work for and most of us are not politically active, especially in Kansas City Missouri.

2. The only reason I'm speaking with you is because I'm concerned that corporate management has strayed from the principles which this company was built upon. My parents and faith community instilled in me the utmost respect for core values like honesty, integrity, and competing on a level playing field.

3. Burns and McDonnell doesn't need to ingratiate itself into the good graces of the Mayor and Council by throwing around political donations. We're an excellent engineering firm and we stand proudly ready to compete with anyone in the world for projects. To do anything less is an insult to our staff.

4. Frankly, I've been embarrassed to read about some of the disclosures regarding our company's receipt of corporate welfare, especially in light of the fact that many residents of Kansas City are struggling to provide for their families. It's counter to what my faith teaches.

When asked about a specific Burns and McDonnell political fundraiser (we provided a listing) in which several hundred employees made almost identical campaign donations to Mayor Sylvester James, the source redirected the questioning back to us:
"To a reasonable person, what does that look like? Exactly."

"If we don't live in Kansas City, why would we donate to the Mayor's campaign? I didn't donate to my own Mayor and Councilperson in ------- (a suburb)."

"I guarantee you, that everyone received the message loud and clear that Mayor James was a special friend of Burns and McDonnell and it would be in our personal interest to make a contribution. Did I receive a memo directing me to do so? Of course not. They're not going to put something like that in writing, but they do keep track of who participates."

In regards to the current pending airport terminal proposal between Burns and McDonnell and Kansas City, the source expressed a fear that the no-bid aspect of the proposal will blow-up in the company's face and any problems arising during the multi-year project will be laid squarely at the feet of Burns and McDonnell. "It's not the way you ever want to enter a project. When there are questions from the outset about whether the project was necessary, whether it was awarded fairly, and whether political favors are being exchanged, it's like walking into a minefield. The city first needs to get the approval of the voters, then publicly solicit bids, if they're not going to do it themselves, and go from there. The longer this drags on, the worse it's going to be for us."

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

welcome to KC: Nobody wants to be the bad guy.

Sly should have taken his time instead of rushing something so corrupt through.

Anonymous said...

How is the FBI simply ignoring this shit? This is REAL corruption, yet they just ignore it like its no big deal. I know for a FACT that those contributions came with strings. This is one that's being pulled. DO YOUR DAMN JOB!!! Billion dollar corruption is hitting you right in the face!

Anonymous said...

This is not news.
It just confirms beyond a reasonable doubt what most of us already knew.
Politics and business, it's how they survive and prosper.
The sad part is they don't even try to hide it anymore. They are blatant and in the taxpayers face about it.
They've made laws to cover their ass, no one gets punished, or loses their job, it's just a vicious circle of corruption.
The hard working taxpayers are to busy trying to make a living to fight back.
The dumb asses keeps re-electing the same ole crooks.

Anonymous said...

Idea for new name: Trump KCI Airport. Let's see if The Donald gets a piece of the action.

Anonymous said...

I will be watching ALL the local news broadcast tonight to see the reporting of this story this is HUGE if there is no reporting then lets all blow up their phone and crash their systems

Anonymous said...

Guys seriously ! This is just silly. Making political
Contributions to Sly or anyone else is old hack. That's why they hired a political lobbyist for Christ Sake! What do you think his job is! If the council is so damned concerned with only having one bidder...they simply need to change a statute or two in the bidding process which will reopen it up for another bid. It's not that flipping dramatic. The airport is already paid for. Dig away!

Anonymous said...

no, an orchestrated effort with a specific target seems different, imho.

this whole crony exploit has changed many people's minds about reputations in the community.

it's not surprising that some of the earnest young engineers perceive this.

Byron Funkhouser said...

3:23, how do you know that they aren't investigating? The only time they acknowledged an investigation which didn't result in charges filed was when Comey wanted to help Trump become President by implying that Clinton committed a crime, while asserting that she didn't commit a crime, because there was no criminal intent.

They are not supposed to announce ongoing investigations, only that charges will be filed because of an investigation.

If no charges are filed, you can assume, if you want to, that no investigation took place, but unless you work for the FBI you don't know that for a fact.

My point, is that the investigation you're demanding may actually be occurring at this very moment.

Anonymous said...

in the abstract, the order of magnitude of the numbers in terms of potential profits is enough to incentivize would-be malefactors.

that's why normal procedures call for open bidding competition and transparency.

that the crony deal has come this far is astounding.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...


An FBI employee in the Kansas City field office was seriously injured today when he fell off his chair laughing after receiving phone calls from readers of a local fake news blog about some stupid bullshit they have no concept about.


Anonymous said...

Sly = KC'S most corrupt politican in a generation.

Anonymous said...

Oooh. Nervous, City Hall? :)

Anonymous said...

Only when you're done polishing Mayor Bullhorn's bully horn, dear. :)

Anonymous said...

You won't see this on The Star, KCBJ, 5, 9, 41, or Fox.

That you can bank on.

Anonymous said...

The narrative cited is just cogent enough to seem authentic, and sad.

Anonymous said...

KC = criminal.

Anonymous said...

"Comey wanted to help Trump become President". Hitting the bottle early this weekend, Funkhouser?

Byron Funkhouser said...

I don't drink. My father drank, so I don't have to.

Byron Funkhouser said...

Your personal attack doesn't explain your position.

What's your theory? Why do you think he did something that the FBI isn't supposed to do.

Anonymous said...

Not that guy, but if Comey had that agenda, why not go the full Monty? Prosecute. He also took zero action against Clinton-left shenanigans, like when she admitted breaking the law and being grossly incomptent with state secrets on a private server.

Nah. Basic incomptence. Many on both sides of the aisle find Comey's need for career change the only thing to agree on.

Anonymous said...

When is the last corruption investigation the local news uncovered or the paper.. you don't live here go away...

Anonymous said...

Shut up, Byron. You're a fucking retard.

Anonymous said...

But you do suck dick.

Anonymous said...

My theory is that you are a retard, Byron.

Anonymous said...

You won't see this on The Star, KCBJ, 5, 9, 41, or Fox.

That you can bank on.


They only run stories that are true and can be verified.

Unlike this contrived diarrhea.

Anonymous said...

That Warrants an FBI Investigation into MAYOR SLY JAMES and his family as well as an MBI Investigation and the Missouri Attorney Generals Office !!

Everybody who can print this off and mail that story by US Postal mail to the Missouri Attorney Generals office in Jefferson City as well as the GOV of Missouri and the FBI should do so !!!

NOT E-Mail, but regular US Postal Mail.

That is if you really really wanna kick Corrupt Lyin' Sly James in the fuckin Balls and put him in his place !!!

PUBLIC Corruption and under the table kickbacks are illegal and will NOT be tolerated !!!

J. W. Helkenberg said...

It is not illegal to be inept; the Sly James administration (like Hillary Clinton) is not smart enough to understand the implications of complex technology (arrangements). By extension Sly (like Hillary) does not understand the extent to which he (and Democracy) are hackable.

Sly James is actually the victim here; this is a bizarre case where voters created an unconscionable agreement by electing Sly as Mayor; he is not intelligent enough to make these kinds of decisions therefore he is easily manipulated into a position that is to his (and the Voters) disadvantage.

Now, voter apathy plays a large role in creating this outcome. We tend to treat Elections like popularity contests with little regard for actual ability. And so it appears the tiny minority of voters who participated in selecting the Mayor were voting for someone who was not smart enough to be held accountable for his actions; think Lennie Small from "Of Mice And Men". Regrettably, as a result of the fact the electorate currently prefers a disabled candidate the majority of the city council reflect this desire.

The voters are squarely to blame.

I propose a simple Amendment to the City Charter: "If the election for Mayor fails to secure the participation of 30% of registered voters, the Mayor shall be selected at random from the roll of registered voters."

Apathy would finally count for something. Shall we amend the City Charter then?

JoCoPost said...

Ahem. Excuse me. But how did the employees "know" how much to donate to the city council members' campaigns and the mayor? Do they have ESP? Is there a Ouija board in the corporate dining room? Hardly.

The insider says he/she was never "told". Bull. Did they receive a "bonus check", from Burns & Mac, in the same envelope as the "informational letter"? Was there a pre-addressed envelope, also, with the address of the soon to be designated recipient??

Nudge and wink. The corporation gives extra money to employees, to compensate them for writing an EQUIVALENT DONATION CHECK. That, my friends, is how corporations legally (kinda) exceed the donation caps. Sure, there's a bit of an offset on taxes--the employee must pay taxes on the bonus. But it's worth it to KEEP.YOUR.JOB!

Connect the dots, people. That's how it's done.

Anonymous said...

The FACT is Byron, that the FBI has been investigating these claims for almost a year and they haven't found SHIT. If they had found something, or thought they might have something, the leakers would have leaked it to the press. Your "theory" is just your personal fantasy.