Wednesday, May 17, 2017


An EPIC legal claim from the only man to win a citywide transit vote targets the top elected official in town and controversial security precautions. Take a look:

Today, Clay Chastain files $1 million lawsuit against city-this one for harassment and malicious conduct.

Today I am filing another lawsuit against Kansas City, Missouri government, led by the Sly James Mayoral Administration. This one is for harassment and malicious conduct directed against me by the city. Sly and the city unjustifiably and maliciously placed my name on the City's "Watch List" (citizens the city deems potentially dangerous and who require an armed security escort inside City Hall) for no valid reason other than to harass me, intimidate me and undermine my public reputation.

For the past 5-years, under Sly's administration, I have been stopped (even with my 10-year old daughter at my side) from entering City Hall, unduly searched and unduly detained (usually 20-minutes) then prevented from entering unless I agreed to be escorted (along with my daughter) throughout the building by an armed security guard. The city, under James' direction, arbitrarily placed my name on this 20-person most feared list without justification or valid reason. I have never committed an act of violence against anyone, nor have I ever threatened anyone with an act of violence, nor have I ever even implied any kind of violence toward anyone. I am, and have always been, a non-violent individual. Yes, I have been known to be passionately mouthy and jawbone with people about my ideas to improve Kansas City, but otherwise am a peaceful man who merely exercises his right to free speech.

Clearly Sly has gone bananas over citizens like me who challenge his leadership via petitions.
In my case, Sly apparently, arbitrarily and unilaterally decided the way to get back at me and slow me down was to order security to place my name on the City's "Watch List" (possibly dangerous person or terrorist). Sly and others at City Hall don't like my interference with their leadership of the city so they concocted this malicious scheme to harass me, intimidate me, humiliate me and make me appear dangerous to the public, city council members and City Hall employees, like the city clerk and her staff. The last time Sly and the city pulled this mean caper on me I was, once again, accompanied by my 10-year old daughter. This time though, Michael Mahoney of KMBC Channel 9 news happened on the scene and got it on film despite the fact the City's security guards tried to stop Mahoney's camera man from filming what was going on.

Sly has abused the power of government by ordering the City's security department to profile me, harass me, intimidate me, humiliate me, inconvenience me and make me appear dangerous to the public and people at City Hall because he doesn't like the fact I stand up to him and his leadership. This kind of calculated, abusive and undeserved treatment of a citizen by a government (that is threatened by the people's right to exercise their opinion via the democratic petition and referendum process), is a threat to us all.

Clay Chastain...Kansas City community activist.


Anonymous said...

lol at the whole situation.

I'm glad you finally have a new stock photo in place for our boy.

Anonymous said...

Is this Michael Mahoney Bologna?

Byron Funkhouser said...

You went to far, Clay. How does this law suit help the people of Kansas City?

Anonymous said...

The whole city has gone nuts following James and sucking up to his hype.

The banquet of consequences won't be pretty.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

He should've sued for $20,000,000

Anonymous said...

good for you clay go for it

Anonymous said...

Hey Clay , if you get that 1 Million, I can make ol' Commie Libtard James disappear like Jimmy Hoffa did back on July 31st 1975 from Machus Red Foxx Restaurant,,,,

Go for it !!!!

Anonymous said...

Tryhing to do something on the up and up in this town is like turning to Tony Buttholio for free speech.

Anonymous said...

So Clay has finally revealed his hand. He doesn't care about a light rail system in KC. He just wants to be able to sue the city and collect lots of money in damages. Fuck this dude is pathetic.