Saturday, May 27, 2017


In attempting to build a place for himself in Kansas City history, Mayor Sly James has instead reinforced longtime complaints that he's a total corporate shill working in the best interest of his patrons and insider pals rather than voters.

Just a few examples for his consultants paid to argue against this local truism:

- The new airport no-bid Burns & Mac ram through has earned almost universal rebuke among civic circles. Anybody who cares about this issue realizes that the process needs to be far more transparent, involve voter input and include more than one company bidding in order to realize the project.

- Ever since Derron Black jumped on stage to complain about and interrupt the guy, it's been clear Mayor Sly has very little urban core, inner city support. The Mayor's "people" are lawyers, consultants and Internets hipsters in the Crossroads. Outside of this core hipster constituency Sly has very few people willing to buy into his cult of personality that has enraptured social media denizens. TKC reality check: A like, follow or retweet is not a vote.

- The Mayor's legacy is higher taxes and taxpayer subsidized luxury living space. Credit where it's due, the Mayor has brought home the bacon for developers and nobody else. While everybody loves a good time, check the score board and realize and the Mayor's only political victories have come against one of the most unpopular politicos in KC history AND some homeless dude -- In all of this other wins, there has been no organized opposition.

And all of this is simply to offer a bit of insight into how we should remember the mayor and realize that voters aren't obligated to secure any politico's legacy at a time when social media has made history a nearly forgotten rhetorical artifact and mostly a disposable and completely malleable part of the American discourse.

Accordingly, here's our playlist to compliment all of these ideas this evening . . .

Also, because a few of you have sent links our way and this list is always geared toward late night readers . . . Here's Midnight Rider tribute to the much better legacy of Gregg Allman:

As always, thanks for reading this week and have a safe and fun Saturday Night.


Anonymous said...

Sly could have been a great mayor, he still can be.

But he's got to stop letting this suits tell him what to do.

Anonymous said...

Asshole mayor is the lyin' king !! Gibbs me free stuff an yoze munnies or you ain't gunna hump yo bid onz my big shit projects , BITCHES ¡!¿?

The Greater KC said...

If you live in a downtown condo and pay almost no tax, why shouldn't the mayor be a hero? That's the reality TKC. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Polls show that worldwide people are losing confidence in government and other institutions.

The current leadership in Kansas City, possessing those attributes we know well, is a microcosm of the larger problem.

The latest round of proud cronyism in public is truly disheartening.

Harvey Hutchinson said...

Harvey Hutchinson voice&text

Anonymous said...


That is some truthful commentary!

Too bad that many in local media/business circles know it's accurate, but are afraid to publicly stand up for honest government.

They rationalize it away, by telling themselves "I live in Kansas, it's not my problem."

Anonymous said...

KILLA CITY CRIMINAL BOYZ BITCHES punks just wanna keep voting for business as usual ¡! What a great bunch of HOMOSEXUALLY ABOUNDS LIBERAL DEMOCRATS ! KILLA CITY Will just continue to do , rot , rot , for the foreseeable future ! Good times ahead for us all ¡

Anonymous said...

His legacy will be that he is a lying coon who let crime skyrocket.

Anonymous said...

Sly doesn't have a legacy, he just has has donors.

Anonymous said...

How many butts do I have to cut before you realize I'm not a dummy?

Streetcarsamurai said...

2:58am Just heard 5-7 gunshots outside. Turned on the scanner and shit is going down. I didn't even bother to call the KCMO PD because of how swamped they are. They have more incidents going down than they have available units to respond to. Guns going off all over the city.

3:02am Shots fired I-35 and southwest blouevard under bridge. 6 shots fired.

3:03am Rolling 169 and briarcliff gray SUV black male going. Orthbound shooting gun

3:04am 1310 Westport a two person disturbance

3:04 85th and troost shots fired black male with handgun

Cops relaying over radio they are basically swamped. They are handling events and the calls keep coming in for them to respond to.

3:06am 8310 cambpell callers reporting gunshots

~can't imagine what it's like working the overnight shift at KCMO PD~

3:09am 635 highway two semis racing each other

3:11am hardest (hardesty?) st somewhere, Black male black hoodie throwing things claiming he is going to shoot someone

3:12am JB Nutter building is getting burglarized

Some kind of crime scene on 32nd prospect something big went down earlier there.

Well, once again shit is popping off in KCMO. There usually is, but tonight is a doozy. I just posted 15 minutes of calls and that wasn't even all of them. I don't think most people in KC have any clue how bad it is. As I always recommend, don't go out after dark in KCMO. The shit I hear over the radio is disturbing, let alone all the sirens I hear all day long, and I'm in a better part of "the mo".

Sad to see the northland going south too. All this shit going down while the city bends you all over time after time for more and more tax money. Higher water rates. Etc. poor city planning is now YOUR financial responsibility.

Some of you cucks on this blog are so dismissive of the problems in this city. You remind me of the pussies in Manchester England who after being attacked go around saying "love wins" and "coexist".

Anonymous said...

superb playlist, love Reel Big Rish....awesome and spot on! RP

Anonymous said...

You all do realize Sly was adopted by a white couple. He is the only black person in his family.