Thursday, May 04, 2017

The Kansas City Thursday Afternoon Link Pool

Sara Jean Underwood remains the Internets favorite hottie and these are the top local links for right now . . .

Kansas City Teaching Moment

West Bottoms Boosters Invite Locals To Spend The Week Indulging In Kansas City History

It's hard to tell the story of Kansas City's West Bottoms without lapsing into a folksy, fairytale-quiet voice: Once upon a time two rivers met in a place that was both Kansas and Missouri... Yes, and long ago it was called the French Bottoms because that's where the French and Native Americans traded.

Golden Ghetto Netflix Teaching Moment

Shawnee Mission School District mental health experts advise parents about Netflix series on suicide

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - The Netflix series "13 Reasons Why" is a huge hit with millions of teenagers across the country. But some parents don't even know the series exists. This week the Shawnee Mission School District (SMSD) emailed a letter to parents in the district, encouraging them to watch the series with their teenage children and begin the conversation about suicide.

JoCo Crash Course

Car crashes through two houses in Olathe

Car crashes through two houses in Olathe A man lost control of his vehicle and crashed through one house and into a second. The Olathe Police Department is investigating after a man lost control of his vehicle and crashed into two homes. That incident happened Thursday evening around 5:00 near 160th and Warwick.

KCK Shootout Report

KCK Police investigating a shooting with life-threatening injuries near 9th and Gilmore

9th and Gilmore shooting, Kansas City, Kansas SOURCE: KMBC-TV KCK Police investigating a shooting with life-threatening injuries near 9th and Gilmore The Kansas City, Kansas Police Department is on the scene of a life-threatening shooting. Kansas City, Kansas Police Chief Terry Zeigler tweeted that officers were called to the scene of a shooting near 9th and Gilmore Thursday evening.

Bi-State Foster Care Trouble

Both the Missouri and Kansas foster care systems are overwhelmed right now

Children sleeping in offices with no place to go - just waiting for a foster family to take them in. That's happening right here in our area. It's a sign of an overwhelmed foster care system in Kansas. The numbers tell a startling tale.

Cowtown Running Wild

The Great Migration: Kansas City cyclist bikes monarch butterflies' 10,000-mile journey

LOUISBURG, Kan. - If you've seen a monarch butterfly, you've caught a glimpse of an unparalleled phenomena. But few of us will ever have the view wildlife biologist Sara Dykman does. "This is one of the most unique migrations on the planet. It is the only insect that has a multinational, multi-generational migration," said Dykman.

The "Renaissance" Continues . . .

Kansas City's Downtown Council Talks New YMCA, Streetcar Expansion And UMKC Conservatory

Plans for a new downtown YMCA, the latest on expanding the Kansas City streetcar and an update on the UMKC downtown arts campus were discussed by the Downtown Council of Kansas City Thursday.

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Silverback Sly said...

Maybe parents should view the 4 part miniseries about how to raise your kid to not be a pussy

Anonymous said...

shawnee life is enough to cause the toughest souls to give up. Good luck students.

Anonymous said...


"Cataract" removal with inter-thigh implant!!!

Anonymous said...

My goodness, Sara is a hottie. Airbrushed and fake, but still a hottie!

Anonymous said...

Maybe 7:56Pm could watch the series about suicide and pick up some tips. Then he could do the world a favor because he serves no purpose and the world would be better if he wasn't a part of it.

Silverback Sly said...

Awww did i strike a chord with you snowflake?