Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Kansas City Sunday Night Look

Quick glimpse at our local discourse for tonight . . .

Forecast For The Week Ahead

First Alert: Rounds of rain possible Monday

A few strong storms could be mixed in Monday evening - our area is under a Marginal Risk.

Kansas City's Favorite Son

Let America Vote Founder Jason Kander On Fighting Voter Suppression

Welcome back to "The Stakes," where this week Senior National Correspondent Jamil Smith sat down with Let America Vote founder Jason Kander, the Army veteran and former Missouri secretary of state who narrowly lost his U.S. Senate race last fall to Republican incumbent Roy Blunt.

Help This Local Youngster
DFS, KCPD investigating after girl found unattended in housing complex play area
Today's Murder Vigil

Another death, another vigil: Mourners remember 3-year-old KC boy

Many of the balloons that were released Sunday evening in Loose Park bore a picture of Spider-Man because he was Marcus Haislip III's favorite super hero. The 3-year-old Kansas City boy was shot and killed May 12 when a man on foot shot into a car in which he was riding with his father and another male relative at 54th Street and Park Avenue.

Kansas City Change-Up

Royals make several roster moves on Sunday | FOX Sports

It was a busy day for the Royals on and off the field Sunday The Royals made several roster moves on Sunday, including sending starter Jake Junis down to the Omaha Storm Chasers, the team's AAA affiliate.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

The week ahead could be a great week if we can get over all of this welfare for burns & mac and try to develop real business and more jobs for Kansas City.

A stop to all of this violence would be nice too.

GiGi said...

Minimum wage increase cancelled in KCMO. That's what your week really looks like. Find a better job than flipping hamburgers, they don't really appreciate the effort.

Anonymous said...

The week when Trump was impeached!

Anonymous said...

What are Kander's views on unsolicited bulk email?

KC 4 Donald said...

Trump will win! AGAIN!

Anonymous said...

SO,two adult black males are riding down the street with a toddler in the black male is Dad.out of nowhere some black ghetto scum fires into car injuring Dad,buddy and killing toddler.The goddamned hopelessness of it all.Was the car really rolling ? Or was it stopped ?perhaps talking to shooter.perhaps beefing with one another with toddler in the car.Who don't matter. Fact is shooter thought shooting toddler Dead just as he would think of taking a pull of a smoke.No big thing.Unless & Until the Negro can see the wrong in killing children at least. They will always live on the very bottom rung of society. No one wanting anything to do with them..But what about the good negros you say ? Any Negro who stands by and does nothing OH except for the ones making money from the misery means there are no good one's. Goddamn is their any other race more fucked & fucked up ?!? NO NO NOT HARDLY.AL jessy Alonzoe,Black caucus,Sly,Fort you had your chance.You bunch of miserable cocksuckers You.AND the drumbeat of Death beats on.Oh woeful niggers beast. There is no room left for you in civilized society..We tried.

Anonymous said...

^^^ That's almost a coherent thought. Take a while to think about your ideas and then come back to us with something that's more clearly expressed and articulate.

Anonymous said...

^^eh, incoherent or not, the commentator poses a legitimate thought though expressed in a pedestrian manner. Their culture, through years, nay, generations, of democrat abuse through the creation of the welfare estate, they have lost perspective on behavior for a functioning civilized society.

I cannot look at a child, black, white, brown, or yellow and not feel compassion or a need to help if the child is distressed. Nor can I exercise a mental thought process wherein there was some situation in which I could willingly endanger a child. I'm not some bleeding heart liberal, I'm as an "original" conservative as can be found.

I do not have the answers either, I doubt anyone on the outside does. That change must originate from within their society.

Anonymous said...

Ty 9:36.I had to say something.wasn't going for accolades.I'm just sad as fuck for these kids.igrew up poor,probably shone through for all who read it,And more importantly,I'm a 8th grade Hickman Mills SD Dropout from the early eighties. I don't have a fucking education. ,But I have worked hard my entity life.I learned more than one skilled trade and have done ok by my two now grown daughters..I just can't accept the fact that toddlers being killed,all the fucking time should just fade into part of ghetto culture!!

Mother Fucker, if they can't do better than that for their BABIES..Then idk man.something needs to happen,something drastic, goddamned savages! This is not acceptable adult behavior. FUCK ME TOO!! I have no solution