Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Kansas City News Link Forecast

Another collection of the top Kansas City links for right now . . .

Kansas City Pussy Explosion

The kitten boom: Spring means big boost in Kansas City kitten population

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The folks at Spay and Neuter Kansas City tell 41 Action News there is a kitten boom going on across the metro right now. "Any cat should be spayed or neutered," explained Marlan Roberts with Spay and Neuter Kansas City. "Cats' reproduction rate is amazing.

Afternoon Storm Damage Recap

Tree limbs fall when storm moves through metro and brings strong wind

MISSION HILLS, Kan. -- The fast-moving storm that came through the metro area Wednesday afternoon knocked down trees and knocked out power to a several thousand customers of KCP&L, Westar, BPU and Independence Power and Light. Many who watched FOX 4 meteorologist Mike Thompson's Facebook Live weather report noted a heavy downpour and strong winds.

Local Nice News Update

Biking For Monarchs, And Kansas City's Angel Flight Gets Patients To Needed Care

The monarch butterfly migration is one of the most beautiful phenomena in nature. Today, we speak an Overland Park native who is following the migration on her bike, a more than 10,000-mile trip. Then, we shine a spotlight on Angel Flight Central, a Kansas City charity staffed by volunteer pilots who fly patients in need to essential medical care.

Suspected Kansas City Creeper Found

Unregistered sex offender found living near KC daycare

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Kansas City man bought an apartment building in northeast Kansas City and soon found an unregistered sex offender living in one of the units. Bobby Rishworth bought the building a month ago and has tried to get police assistance for several days to arrest John Schuck, a tenant who lives in the apartment building at Independence and Benton, and who is also a registered sex offender.

Nasty JoCo Allegations

Man charged with endangering a child after he allegedly dragged girl across the ground

OLATHE, Kan. -- A man who allegedly dragged a girl across the ground is facing charges of battery and endangering a child. Prosecutors charged 48-year-old Jeffery Allen Bendure with battery and endangering a child on Wednesday. Police were called to an apartment complex on a man acting suspiciously Tuesday.

Show-Me Fight Against Discrimination

Democrats ask Greitens to veto discrimination bill

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - House Democrats made one final, desperate attempt to defeat SB 43 Wednesday morning by gathering outside of Gov. Eric Greitens' office to deliver letters urging him to veto the bill. Each representative wrote their own letters stating their opposition to the legislation. Rep.

Rock Chalk Gun Rights Receipt

Kansas Agency Revises Costs To Comply With Gun Law At State-Run Hospitals

Costs to secure four state-run hospitals under Kansas' concealed carry law could run close to $12 million annually, with an additional $1 million needed in the first months, according to a new "action plan" from state officials.

More Kansas City Storms Tonight

First Alert: First round of storms over, another round expected

One round of storms is over, but another round is expected this evening, according to the First Alert Weather Team. The first round, which pushed through early afternoon on Wednesday, produced some very heavy rain and gusty winds. Minor damage was reported across the Kansas City metro, including in Mission Hills, where a downed tree crushed a car.

Fanboy Reality Check

What standard should we hold the Royals to after the 2015 World Series?

It's a brave new world.

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Anonymous said...

Royals and weather dominate our "news". What a shallow city we have.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This is why people with any intelligence don't pay attention to local "news."

Anonymous said...

RE: Kansas City Pussy Explosion

Please see KCMO Council chamber.

"Local news" like KSHB's The Now is the MOST inane useless junk food-like fodder for anyone who has more than a couple of brain cells surviving.
Unnamed researchers cited for the silly study of the day.
Anti-police stories nearly every day.
Anti-Trump/Republican stories nearly every day.
Idiotic celebrity sightings.
Daily fabricated stories promoting the same network's silly evening entertainment, e.g. The Voice.
A fire or car crash somewhere in Florida, Texas, or California. Anywhere but locally!
At least 3 weather segments during a 30-minute program. You might even see a dog trick!
Daily stories designed to frighten viewers about their personal safety or their children's well-being. E.g., a school bus fire
Endless commercials of KSHB self-promoting their news.
KSHB has a couple of people lifting stories off the internet, and the rest is force-fed from the national network desk. Almost no pertinent local news coverage, and NEVER any criticism or investigation of KCMO government. KSHB, the local affiliate, is in the pocket of City Hall and constantly serves as their cheerleader.

When is Christa Dubill doing her next ride-along with Sylvester James, to ask him the tough questions like: Favorite color? How 'bout those Royals? Are you always so awesome?

Keep track of what the propaganda media are doing, just don't believe what they say and get the reality news on your own.

Anonymous said...

Local metrosexual TRANNY news sucking especially big time , Fox 4 not bad though . They are actually funny , honest and not as liberal as the shit out hole rest of the local metrosexual networks . Actually see some of the staff out and about in our community !

Anonymous said...

^^^You. Bore. Me. Yawn. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Go to sleep then.