Monday, May 29, 2017

The Kansas City Monday Link Look

Credit where it's due . . . We really like these Kansas City holiday tributes from City Hall:

Midtown Kansas City Well Remembered

A Memorial Day Look Back at the Westport Cemetery

In the early 1800s, the graves of a riverboat gambler, a rugged Indian agent, and prominent early settlers shared space in a small plot of land now in the middle of the Westport Entertainment District.

More Deets On KCMO Homicide Scene

KCPD investigate after dead body found near 86th and Woodland

Police were called to the scene of E. 85th Street and Highland Ave. in Kansas City just before 8 a.m. Monday for the report of a dead body. A passerby discovered the body in a wooded area off a trail that leads to the Trolley Track Trail and called police.

Raytown Official Report

Police say shoplifting suspect grabbed officer's taser before being shot at Raytown Wal-Mart

RAYTOWN, Mo. -- Police are providing more details into what led to a man being shot by an officer at a Raytown Wal-Mart Sunday night. The Jackson County deputy is now on routine paid administrative leave after she shot a suspected shoplifter. The officer, who was working off-duty at the Wal-Mart Supercenter at 10300 E.

Local Lady Sports Conversation

ESPN Kansas City launches its first-ever all women sports radio show

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - In March 2017, the first-ever all women sports radio show in Kansas City launched on ESPN Kansas City. It's called Sprots Takes, dubbed from a common misspelling you can find on Twitter or even when non-sports fans describe an intense sports moment.

Kansas Serving Up Gratitude

Memorial Day sandwich board at Kansas restaurant goes viral

New Kansas resident Kelly Ray wanted to share his message of respect for America's fallen servicemen and women this Memorial Day weekend. What happened next was more than he could have imagined. After moving recently from Missouri to work at Mayberry's in the northern Kansas town of Washington, Ray brought with him a sandwich board that he made while working at a previous restaurant.

Show-Me Celebrity Thanks

What Bruce Willis Said About Webb City, Missouri Residents

WEBB CITY, Missouri - In a radio interview this morning, Hollywood actor Bruce Willis took a few moments to praise Webb City, Missouri residents for helping him after his rental car encountered a mechanical issue as he was passing through the city recently: "We were just leaving Webb City, Missouri when our car began to overheat so I pulled over to the side of the road and noticed there were a couple of cars pulling up behind me.

Kansas City Off Season Concern

Locked on Chiefs: State of Kansas City's defense

The Chiefs made few changes to the defensive lineup this offseason. The draft yielded them no potential new starters in 2017. Staying healthy will be key to their defensive performance in 2017. Currently, there are few areas to look at with concern.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Bruse Willis would never be in Webb City MO. The exact same story word for word was posted about Johny Depp in Bardstown KY two months ago. BTW Johnny Depp would never be in Bardstown either!

Anonymous said...


Joe MO said...

Bruse Willis in Webb City MO. Almost exact same story word for word was posted here about Will Farrell in Cape Girardeau MO recently.

Anonymous said...

Fake News!

Anonymous said...

"Police say shoplifting suspect grabbed officer's taser before being shot at Raytown Wal-Mart"

Woah horsey!!! The police have spent decades claiming a taser is not deadly force. So how could this officer have been directly in fear of her life simply because she couldn't hold on to her taser? I hope there is more to this story 'cause I see Walmart getting sued all to hell. Especially given that the officer violated Walmart's own policies all to hell (While being employed and paid by Walmart).

Bob said...

4:03, it is not a deadly force (usually) but it is a disabling force. Once the officer was disabled, the perp could have taken her gun and shot her, or anybody else. The shooting was justified.

Anonymous said...

I just saw the Bruce Willis story yesterday but it was Aston Kucher in Conroe, TX. I think it's safe to say the story is bullshit.

Anonymous said...

4:14 You don't know if the shooting was justified because there is not enough information in the story to validate your position. The subject merely having possession of the taser would not be sufficient to justify a killing. If that we the case every legal gun owner, carrying concealed and involved in a police encounter could be shot simply for resisting.

The second problem is the story does not state whether the officer identified herself as a law enforcement officer or a loss prevention person. There is no law in Missouri that compels anyone to surrender to a loss prevention person. It is true that if the person struck the officer the case would become a felony, strong armed robbery, but the issue at hand is whether the female identified herself as a law enforcement officer prior to attempting the arrest. As usual, the press missed a lot of fact gathering.

I can guarantee Walmart policy prohibits loss prevention personnel from carrying firearms, tazers and detaining anyone for shoplifting before they exit the store. Someone who made the decision to hire is probably going to be back collecting carts at Kmart and Walmart is going to loose it's butt when the litigation starts.

Anonymous said...

FREE THE NIPPLE ON THIS SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Now KMBC files a report that totally blows holes in the story reported by Fox 4 and the KMBC version actually passes the smell test while making the shoot look pretty damn logical in the scheme of things. I hope to hell they learn something at channel 4 because their home cooked, erroneous, junior grade, herkimer assed, fake reporting drama could have caused a very negative public reaction to an incident that wasn't even what they reported it as. What a shame we live in a country where there is no accountability with the press - Fucking irresponsible ass hole idiots.

Anonymous said...

Just what I want to hear, a couple of broads talking about sports.

Anonymous said...


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