Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Kansas City Midday Link Look

Daily look at some of the top stories in the midst of today's local hump day news cycle . . .

Cowtown Housing Crackdown

KC wants to start charging landlords for rental inspections - Kansas City Business Journal

Kansas City officials want to introduce an ordinance that would require landlords to fund city inspections of their rental properties, The Kansas City Star reports. It would allow the Kansas City Health Department to conduct regular inspections to ensure the safety of rental properties for renters, protecting them from issues such as mold and bad electrical wiring.

Rock Chalk School Deal Underway

Finally, A Kansas School Funding Plan May Be Near

After 10 hours of debate, a dozen amendments and a timeout to talk taxes, the Kansas Senate early Wednesday advanced a school finance plan and returned later in the morning to approve it on a 23-16 vote. Once they finished the late-night debate, senators ended where they began: an additional $234 million over two years for K-12 education.

Have You Seen This JoCo Suspect???

Lenexa police want to ID man caught on home's security cam

Lenexa, Kansas, police are asking for the public's help in identifying a man caught on a home's security camera. Authorities said they're investigating a string of burglaries.

Home Team Hope Springs Eternal

Kansas City Royals: Do Not Be Too Fast to Write Off 2017

For the Kansas City Royals, it's clear 2017 has not been the season dreams are made of. After 50 games, the Royals sit in fifth place in the American League Central, 6.5 games behind the Minnesota Twins. After Monday night, the team was dead last in the American League, 5.5 games out of a Wild Card slot.

Later Today Forecast

Joe's Weather Blog: More storms around today... (WED-5/31)

May is going to turn into a below average month for of this morning we're running about 1° below this month will be the 1st below average month for temperatures since December. From a rain standpoint, at least at KCI, despite the feeling that it was crazy's going to be pretty close to average, depending on what happens today.

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"KC wants to start charging landlords for rental inspections - Kansas City Business Journal"

Yup and the landlords will pass every cent of the city picking their pockets right along to renters with a pad added just in case. Before you know it a one bedroom shack will rent for 1500.00 a month and the homeless numbers will rise. Smart move KC.

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