Wednesday, May 03, 2017

The Kansas City Midday Link Downpour

Quick peek at some of the top local links that are a bit depressing whilst everybody else is taking a nap at their desk. Checkit:

Kansas City Tribute After Running Tragedy

Family of man who died in KC half-marathon will host 5K in his honor

NORTH KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The family of a man who died while running a half marathon will get to hold a 5K race in his honor. Brandon Russell died last month following the "Rock The Parkway" race in Kansas City.

Checking The Competition

Kansas City Chiefs: How Did Rest of AFC West Fare in 2017 NFL Draft

By now it's common knowledge for KC Chiefs fans that the team spent their first round draft pick on Patrick Mahomes out of Texas Tech. The Chiefs traded up to get him, showing they're determined to keep the franchise as Super Bowl contenders even once Alex Smith 's time as a Chief has come to an end.

Call For Kansas City Justice

Kansas City murder victim's aunt: 'My neice did not receive any justice'

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- "Not a day goes by that I don't think about her and her beautiful smile. She could light up any room and today she would've been 17. It just hurts so bad," said Shanaya Kane as she remembered her niece, Alexis Kane.

Golden Ghetto Pays For Their Own

Olathe scores with approval of privately owned soccer complex

Move over, Overland Park: You've got company in the youth soccer business. The Olathe City Council on Tuseday approved the development of a privately owned soccer complex at the southwest corner of Kansas 10 and Ridgeview Road. The 96-acre project, developed by Ridgeview Associates LLC and West Star Development, will cost an estimated $65 million and include nine all-weather artificial turf fields.

Morning Commute Lesson In Fear

School bus driver believes bus hit pedestrian in Merriam

A school bus driver had a frightening start to the morning after hitting what the driver believes was a pedestrian on Wednesday.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for the midday . . .


Anonymous said...

Great, another fucking race to clog up the streets.

Anonymous said...

And more screaming out of control soccer brats in JOCO hotels.

Bob said...

Alexis was beaten severely, then shot. The vermin who beat her up and killed her got off with second (!) degree murder. The difference between first and second degree murder is "deliberation upon the matter." Surely some time between when the vicious beating began and the girl was shot, the punk who beat and shot her had time to deliberate on the matter. I wonder why the jury did not see it that way.

Anonymous said...

The KC Star just described Missouri perfectly: "...a swath of nothingness in the country's gut." Who says the media doesn't get anything right?

Anonymous said...

The so called privately owned soccer complex has some investors that one might want to check into. West Star owner isn't a saint either. Not first time this was to be a done deal, was supposed to have happened in Lenexa couple of years ago.

Block and company appears to have a finger in the pie as well.

TracyinKC said...

Well, let's hope Block does a better job of fire protection on the soccer complex than their recent conflagration at their giant apartment complex.

The best part is--for those of us who worked hard to defeat Big Soccer, which would have given $1.4 billion to Cerner execs and Lamar Hunt's family, this proves that entertainment and sports (like downtown hotels) should be paid for by the developers. Not by taxing the public.

This is why the downtown hotel should be voted on by the public in KCMO. There's no "emergency". (Except Mike Burke just now realizing he won't get his big fee (for making nice after running a Hillary Clinton style bad campaign for mayor when Sly James whupped him.) Burke putzed around and couldn't get the details worked out. Now there is "pre-buyer's remorse". Let the voters decide.

We will defeat the downtown hotel, just like we beat Big Soccer. And BiState II. I worked for free. Whereas Pat Gray and Jeff Roe (the precursors to Steve Glorioso) made millions. Let the people vote.