Monday, May 08, 2017


Hottie Lora inspires this quick look at Kansas City links tonight and a round-up of some of the top news stories of the day. Take a peek:

Fading Pitch Plays Fanboy

Unsplashed: Royals power rankings, May 8

Remember when watching Royals baseball was fun?It's been easy, these past three years, to expect this team to win, even when it's down by six runs in the b...

Plaza Inferno Aftermath

Residents return to Hemingway Plaza following fire

The Hemingway was most affected - its residents temporarily displaced. The manager says there is no smoke or water damage, but some trees outside were burnt.

Talking Tragedy Prevention

Mary Sanchez: Rescuing the next Adrian - boy's torture must yield change

One of the final chapters in a horrific story of a 7-year-old's torture and murder was written in a Wyandotte County courtroom Monday. But change must come in the wake of Adrian Jones' death to ensure that no child suffers such abuse.

Justice For WyCo Lawman

Final suspect accused of shooting Wyandotte County Deputy Scott Wood found guilty

Deputy Scott Wood was stopping to get a snack at a 7-Eleven at the end of his shift when three men trying to rob the store attacked him.

Help This Lady Find Payback

Woman still searching for owner of gold US Army ring she found in Independence parking lot

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- A shopper found a ring in a store parking lot and now she's trying to find the owner. Wendy McConnell says she was going into a Payless Shoe Store near Noland Road and I-70 last week in Independence when she noticed a gold ring in the parking lot.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

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