Friday, May 12, 2017

The Kansas City Friday Afternoon Link Look

Romee Strijd is the international fashion model of the moment and her haunting new hottie promo set of pix inspire a bit of contemplation closer to home. Take a peek:

Kansas City Newsie Insight

Why KCUR Reporters Sit In Silence For Several Minutes During Interviews

Have you ever hung out with a stranger without talking for two minutes straight? And I'm not talking "two minutes" that are actually just 30 seconds that felt longer. I'm talking standing or sitting straight-backed, with no words exchanged. Just staring deeply into a person's eyes in total silence.

More Blue Springs Racism

Racial slur written across high school student's classwork

Blue Springs South High School officials are investigating a racist act directed at one of their students. Principal Charles Belt said he learned Wednesday that someone had scrawled the N-word across an assignment paper belonging to a female student.

Street Tragedy Today

3 die in multi-vehicle crash on I-29 near Platte City

Three people died Friday afternoon in a multi-vehicle crash on I-29 near Missouri 92, according to the Missouri Highway Patrol. Click here for video from the scene A highway patrol spokesman said the crash happened when a pickup driver didn't see that traffic was stopped ahead of them due to a lane closed for striping work.

Golden Ghetto Grift

Police: Skimming devices found on Overland Park gas pumps

The Overland Park Police department has said they have seen an increase in skimming devices on gas pumps this year. Two such devices were found attached to credit card readers on gas pumps a gas station in Overland Park.

Another KCMO Pedestrian Hurt In Traffic

Bystanders lift vehicle off man after being struck at 35th and Prospect

Man pinned by vehicles at 35th and Prospect SOURCE: KMBC-TV Bystanders lift vehicle off man after being struck at 35th and Prospect Witnesses said a minivan ran a red light at 35th and Prospect and struck a second vehicle.

Kansas City Pest Danger

Deadly tick disease likely on the rise this summer

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Ticks are known for carrying Lyme disease, however researchers now worry there might be more cases of the Powassan virus. The Powassan virus is not new however researchers expect an increase with this year's tick season.

Meth Town Artsy Dedication Redux

New pioneer woman statue dedicated in Independence MO

Independence, MO - Four years after the original 'Pioneer Woman' statue was stolen from in front of the National Frontier Trails Museum, a new statue has taken her place. In June 2013, vandals stole the original 'Pioneer Woman' and destroyed her as they attempted to sell the metal for scrap.

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Anonymous said...

Could media outlets at least post answers to the most basic questions?

Like - Where were the credit card skimmers? Something more specific than a gas station in Overland Park.

Searching the OPKS police twitter feed would have provided the answer.

"The skimmers were found at the Phillips 66 at 74th and Metcalf."

Anonymous said...

So the black people randomly from the scene and the white people stuck around to help? Sounds about right.

Anonymous said...

Hate it when they randomly.
Really gets on my nervous.