Friday, May 26, 2017

Talking Kansas City New Airport Arrogance

Check this important number cruncher examination of local, political braggadocio pushing a NO-BID process that's inherently corrupt . . .

Kansas City's Airport: A Monument to Political Ego

Kansas City has an effective and efficient airport. There is no reason why Kansas City cannot continue to meet the needs of modern travelers while honoring our past architectural innovation, maintaining the convenience we have come to cherish, and keeping costs down.


JoCoPost said...

Very well written piece by ShowMeInstitute.

Questions--is this a RIP obit?
Is it too late?
Will ANY rhetoric change the minds of 12 council members--we know Mayor Sly James is unwilling to change his mind, since Burns and Mac contributed $50 grand to his re-election campaign, ha, against a homeless man without a cell phone or a change of clothes.

Is the real best hope the new late-to-the-altar second bidder?

Even if every Tony's reader pitched a pup tent in the yard of their Council rep the entire Memorial Day weekend, what would change their minds?

I feel so sad for KCMO. This Memorial Day weekend is one to think hard about how the City is awash in shootings, while the Council fiddles like Nero, with distractions like the Trolley, the Downtown hotel and KCI. Meanwhile, folks are dying. The middle class is abandoning the Plaza for the summer as too dangerous.

So sad.

Anonymous said...

The voters will save KCI.

Byron Funkhouser said...

I remember reading that Mayor James credited another mayor for telling him that the most important thing he should do, while in office, is to build some kind of monument to his legacy.

I guess he doesn't know a joke when he hears one.

seanot said...

How cool would it be to be able to say "I want it because I want it" and get the taxpayers to buy it for you? It's the ultimate dream of every five year old.

Anonymous said...

Tuohey nails it. If Sly is not careful, there will be a monument built to his legacy at 18th & Vine with the names of everyone murdered on his watch while he was tipping back beers with Burns & McPayoff suggesting they submit an unsolicited airport proposal.

Anonymous said...

Tony, idea for your weekly playlist: Taj Mahal "Ain't Nobody's Business.

Anonymous said...

the vibe in the plaza is different now. it seems like a lot of tourists in t-shirts. the merchants seem more commercial. the parking is harder.

new urbanism is great but what the plaza's identity is is unclear.

the combination of factors mentioned above is off-putting to locals who used to patronize the plaza a lot.

Anonymous said...

Should it read sLIE James memorial airport!

Anonymous said...

I've been through many airports, some of which are beautifully decorated, complete with wonderful shopping arcades and eating establishments. Did I ever have time to leisurely stroll around both before boarding my flight. Hell, no. I had to brace myself for the long, long, long wait in security. Prime example is Orlando Airport. They have TSA employees standing around yelling instructions at people, adding to the fun atmosphere. (sigh) When I finally break free of security, I race to my gate at the end of a very long terminal. That's what we will be enjoying after B&M take control.