Friday, May 05, 2017

Steve Rose Seyz Kansas City Stays Losing Amid Inevitable Sprint Merger

Telcom consolidation is a fact of life but JoCo's most important pundit offer this warning about the consequences. Checkit:

Steve Rose: Sprint merger would be a 'significant blow' to Kansas City area

Every time news surfaces that Sprint Corp. may merge with another company, I shudder. If that happened, it is very likely the Overland Park world headquarters for the telecom company would be absorbed into the headquarters of the larger merging firm. That could mean the end for most of the 6,000 Sprint employees who work at the campus.


Anonymous said...

Good news is Sprint Centyer could get a new name. Perhaps like, "The Garth Brooks Summer Vacation and Cash Pick Up Center".

Anonymous said...

A significant plus for KC would be if Steve Rose were to STFU.