Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Show-Me Toll Road Missouri Push Back

Related to KC's old and busted Broadway Bridge and the scheme to fix it

Ban on toll roads in Missouri could be coming to the ballot in 2018

We've all heard the talk about turning I-70 in Missouri into a toll road. Now - there's a competing plan to make sure that never happens. It would be a ban on toll roads anywhere in Missouri. And it might end up on a 2018 ballot.

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Anonymous said...

This writer would love to see I-70 as a better road, even if it means tolls.

It's a nerve-wracking from KC to St. Louis because of all the trucks and traffic.

The Missouri economy would have to helped by a better I-70, too.

Anonymous said...

When it cost 40 bucks to park at Missouri stadiums road tolls are chump change.