Monday, May 15, 2017

Show-Me 'Stand Your Ground' Gun Rights Training Day For Missouri Politicos

An important reality check for Show-Me State legislators who might need a real world lesson on how easy it is to die on Missouri streets. Take a look:

Inside the Class That Teaches Missouri Lawmakers When It's OK to Pull the Trigger

Once a year, state legislators gather for private firearms instruction. Some also leave with new ideas for relaxing gun laws. The PowerPoint image on the projector screen showed a young girl huddled in a corner, near the words "When the wolf pounds at your door."

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Anonymous said...

My complaint is why do they not make this training free and available for all Missouri gun owners wishing to participate? Seems a shame to spend tax payer money just to cover a politician's arse. I know it is important to build schools, pay medical bills, pay for section 8 housing and pander to all the bastard kids in Missouri, but seems like these libtard fake sheriffs, who delay and stall and pissed around issuing CCW permits, would be all active about getting citizens this class.