Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Show-Me Better Missouri Guv Blogging

As the new Gov. cracks down on unions and brags about his not-so-special session victories . . . One of our favorite blogger touts this scoop ahead of KCMO Dead-Tree media journalists:

Turner Report beats Kansas City Star on Greitens contributions story- by seven and a half months

The investigative reporters of the Kansas City Star revealed to their readers today that Gov. Eric Greitens received $370,000 from members of Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos' family and other voucher/charter school supporters. it is a great story and might have had more impact if the Star had done its research before the election when all of that information was already available.


Bob said...

Thanks to Ms. De Vos, Mr. Marcus and the others for offsetting teachers union (and other union) contributions to the campaign of Gov. Greitens' opponent - I can't remember what his name was, but will never need to.

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't have changed the outcome in the slightest. I held my nose and voted for Greiten's because the opponent was a progressive socialist who changes with the wind (Koster). There is no love for Koster outside of the liberal bastions of KC, STL, and Springfield. The rest of the state was going to vote for the Republican.

I can't help seeing the irony though: Greiten's was a liberal democrat before he became a Republican, Koster was a Republican before he became a liberal democrat.

Anonymous said...

Koster turned Democrat when it looked like the Republicans were going down. Greitens turned Republican when their outlook was better. Most politicians have no basic core beliefs other than they want to get elected.

Anonymous said...

Who really gives a shit about either party? Really? If you vote strictly republican or democrat every time, regardless of the candidate, you are a fucking moron. Sadly the mid west is a breeding ground for this kind of simple-mindedness.

Greedo said...

^^^ +1

Best comment of the day @10:58.