Sunday, May 14, 2017

Rally For Kansas City Kid Killed By Gunfire

Amid a violent weekend, here's the latest community call for justice:

March held for 3-year-old killed in triple shooting

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The search continues for the gunman who wounded two people and killed a three-year-old boy Friday. The family of Marcus Haislip III grieves after his life was cut short during an afternoon car ride with his father and great uncle.


Anonymous said...

So how many TKC bloggers are ready to call the St. Joseph Hotline tomorrow morning 8:00-9:30 AM to complain about the MoDOT engineer there who does the stoplights?

Remember, the number is 8.1.6--3.6.4.--.

Tell your friends. Tell your neighbors.
His name is Joseph Turner. He's a "Traffic engineer" for MoDOT's St. Joseph office who times the lights on the Belt Highway

We need everyone to call that number to get on the air to KFEQ-AM 680 and voice your outrage over this person.
Tell local listeners that you demand he be fired for being a University of Missouri graduate, and for his attitudes towards the Downtown KC Street Car, Power & Light District, and his support of Mizzou sports programs.

Make it clear that you and those you know WILL NOT patronize St. Joseph until he is fired and stripped of his license.
Also make it clear that you will purchase fuel and license your car in Kansas, so as to not help fund MoDOT and Turner's traffic lights.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry forte is on this!

Anonymous said...

For an additional 40hrs of overtime!

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