Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Haters continue to leave nasty messages throughout this enclave as the community copes to confront that anonymous destruction of property and show a surprising level of unity with their neighbors. Take a look:

Racist messages turning heads in Blue Springs

One message showed up scrawled across the window of a barber shop - another on a high school student's paper.


Anonymous said...

Fake news. If the guy gets found my guess is he's a black 14-year-old.

Vote Progressive said...

Better tear down some more statues, that is what is causing this problem.

In fact, let's tear down the Plaza. J.C. Nichols kept blacks away from the Plaza for decades. Racists who don't understand this and pretend that the days before Flash Mobs, beatings, rapes and murders, not to mention the Mayor jumping into the bushes to avoid a gun fight should be sanctioned and put in the town stocks for all to abuse.

Those were not halcyon days of old, they were horrible because we could not enjoy diversity.


The Truth of the Matter said...

The fact is, we cannot appease blacks. you cannot appease or ignore evil, malicious, inappropriate behavior. It must be confronted or it will spread like an infectious disease injuring not just that with which it comes in contact, but it will become a pandemic.

Byron Funkhouser said...

I agree, that's why I always remind white people that their fore-bearers were the biggest criminals & mass murders of all time.

When exactly did they become good people?

It wasn't any time before 1964.

Good people don't own slaves, & then discriminate against their descendants.

Anonymous said...

^^^ stop the propaganda and educate yourself, Byron. "white people that their fore-bearers were the biggest criminals & mass murders of all time." is factually incorrect. Mao was the biggest mass murderer in history. The biggest thread among the biggest mass murderers: they were communists.

The Truth of the Matter said...

Good people don't scam the taxpayers of the country as you and too many of your fellow blacks do Byron

Anonymous said...

This is what happens to unemployed Trump protesters. They will get anybody!

Anonymous said...

Blue Springs racist? Oh pshaw.

Anonymous said...

Is being a racist even a bad thing? Maybe not. However, being racist is definitely a SMART thing.