Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Pitch Against Kansas Baby Killing Crackdown

The fading local publication that looks to save itself by way of amateur-hour restaurant news and partisan slap-fighting offers this pro-baby-killing screed. Take a peek:

Kansas legislature passes weird new abortion law

Roe v. Wade still stands, for now, which means red states like Missouri and Kansas can't outlaw abortions within their borders. Instead, Republican legislators get together, worship fetuses, and dream up weird new laws that make it hard for women to exercise their constitutional right to make decisions about their bodies.


Anonymous said...

Tony, the unborn human is NOT the woman's body.

But if you want to participate, be prepared to go to Hell when you pass on.

Phil Cardarella said...

Those who oppose abortion should decline to have one. They should also strongly support organizations like Planned Parenthood that provides contraception and counseling. They should also support actual sex education in schools -- not abstinence-only (or, more accurately "teen pregnancy" only.) They should support contraceptives in every health insurance plan and in Medicaid. Finally, they should support women who chose to carry a pregnancy to term by providing both pre- and post-natal care, paid maternity leave and subsidized child care for working mothers.

Until they do each and every one of those things -- put their money where their mouths are -- they are simply hypocrites. And, in the Gospels, hypocrisy is the one sin that Jesus declines to forgive.

Anonymous said...

I used to be against abortion. But in the case of the American negroes, I am for it.

Anonymous said...

I already do that Cardarella. Go fuck yourself.

Anonymous said...

Based on the study released today we now know that 95 percent of Planned Parenthoods activities are directly related to performing abortions. All that education and womens health crap they spin is simply Bullshit!!!