Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Passenger Anger Over KCI Paper Checkpoint

And NO . . . A new airport isn't going to change TSA policy. Still, the litany of middle-class complaining is one of many reasons to avoid flying. Take a look at rage that started as social media chatter a few days ago:

KCI passengers say security asked them to remove all paper items from bags

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - When Don Buteyn entered the security line at KCI early Monday morning, he was asked by security agents to remove all paper products from his bag- including books, loose sleeve paper, Post-It Notes, documents and more. A seasoned traveler, Buteyn had never been asked to do so before.


Anonymous said...

When they start making people remove their vaginas someone give me a call.

Hyperblogal said...

Lines moving too fast at KCI is contrary to the need for a new terminal.

Anonymous said...

is this a work action? diesn't make sense.

TracyinKC said...

I am wondering too about paper--is it a threat? No--but maybe they're finding it is a shield, to the xray machines. Covering up 3Dprinter guns, etc.

So is that why they want us to do a recycling bin style sorting of our carryon? Move all the paper away, so the xray can see the real threats?

TracyinKC said...

And as usual, KC is the test market for the TSA. Just like Google used KC to test their rollout.