Sunday, May 28, 2017

Missouri GOP Ignores Kansas City???

The racial component of the story deserves attention but there's also just a bit of proof that all of KCMO has suffered under single-party rule given that Broadway Buck O'Neil debate the could hamper the Northland and all of its middle-class denizens. Take a look:

Are Communities Of Color Being Heard In Missouri's Capitol?

At the end of the 2017 legislative session, we took the podcast on the road to ask an important question: are Kansas City's communities of color being heard in Jefferson City? This podcast was recorded live at the Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church in Kansas City, Missouri.


Anonymous said...

The exclusion of race from suspect descriptions was just another example of PC stupidity destroying a necessary societal function.

Negroes got an abundance of unwarranted attention over the last 8 years and all it accomplished was to encourage them to make asses of themselves- and make working folks sick of hearing about them. This was a major factor in the 2016 elections, nationwide.

Anonymous said...

This starts off well, identifying the Metropolitan Missionary Baptist church as the oldest African American church?????? THAT IS RACIST... let a white person say that and they would burn down an entire city and everyone would say, that's O.K. they just need room to destroy.

I will never forget what Black people did to our Police officers in Texas and to the community of Ferguson. It's actually time to shut black people out, and as a landlord I WILL NOT RENT TO THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey', Hey' now,,,,,

Its NOT all Black People, now come on !

Really I'm being damn serious for once !!!

Don't lump all Black people into the same category as those Drug Addicted Gangsta' low life Degenerate inner city Ba'foons !!!

I know a few good hard working Black Folk who are really good people & citizens and raised their kids properly,,,,,

and they are NOT in the inner city Ghetto' Hood either !

their actually country folk and good people with nice homes !

Anonymous said...

Mayor bully bullhorn screwed this city by opening his big freakin mouth during the elections, he dissed greitens and the republican party so bad that this is what they call payback and honestly i cant blame them. This city has wasted billions of state dollars for rebuilding the "inner city" over many decades with no real improvements to show for it. Greitens has seen the wasted money and the corrupt system in KC and will choose to give the money to truly needy towns in this state and for that i am grateful that he is smart enough to not fall for this city's scam.

Anonymous said...

The debate about the Broadway/Buck O'Neill bridge issue that will impact the "middle class" denizens of the Northland made me say WTF?

I hate to tell you this but not all Northlanders are "middle class". There are a lot of "working and non-working poor" living on this side of the stream. Yes, there are well-to-do enclaves, most of which are not in KC limits. My neighborhood is full of Section 8 renters who do not speak English. They work minimum wage jobs, if they work at all. The druggies are all over and the kids are just as at-risk here as they are in the urban core. We hear gunfire on a regular basis, but no one bothers to call the cops. No point because they never show up. Yeah, Northlanders have it great. Ha!

Anonymous said...

hmmmm.... K C Democrat blacks have a homey Mayor, Congressman, and until recently - a black Prez and Police Chief--

yet they STILL whine about "White Privilege"

Retro ROCKER said...

The Retro ROCKER told you so kcmo is the center of attention in Missouri the continues protest.the conservatives,will have you for lunch they want no part of the far left wacko hated protest it will missouri red red red.

Anonymous said...

The demos just can't get over getting their asses kicked in the elections. It will be worse in mid terms. Claire will be gone. Hopefully you smart Missourians will get rid of cleaver to.