Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Missing Kansas City Dude Nabbed In Egypt Over Alleged Jihadist Activities

Today's suspected terror report that reaches all the way back to this cowtown. Checkit:

KC man suspected of 'jihadist activities' held by feds in area detention center

A Kansas City man who was detained in Egypt is the subject of an investigation by FBI counterterrorism agents. The probe on Isse Aweis Mohamud began after his family reported him missing.


Anonymous said...


Byron Funkhouser said...

^^He's in Egypt.^^

You can't deport American Citizens.

Where would you send him?

Anonymous said...

No he's not.read the story.
He's in the" Kansas City area"
Ya dipshit.
"Where" you ask would I deport him ?
Somalia,ya dumbfuck

Anonymous said...

I would deport him straight to Byron's house so he can comfort him.

Anonymous said...

Uh 6:30, the first sentence of the article says he was detained in Egypt. What part of the "Kansas City area" is Egypt in? And you are really calling another person a "dumbfuck"? You need to look in a mirror.

Anonymous said...


You obviously can't comprehend won't or can't read the article.

I can't do anymore to help you, you DUMB MOTHER FUCKER YOU. please just kill yourself.