Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Dead-Tree Media is holding council accountable for a plan that Mayor Sly developed on his own with his biggest corporate patrons . . . Check the newspaper jumping through hurdles to direct criticism away from their boss. Checkit:

Editorial: Questions remain about Burns & McDonnell's plan for KCI; the City Council needs to answer them

The Kansas City Council is expected to hear more details Thursday about an unusual and very complex plan to build a new terminal at Kansas City International Airport. The proposal, offered by local engineering firm Burns & McDonnell, calls for privately financing the $1 billion project.


Anonymous said...

Why is Modest Miles at this event? What financial promise has Sly made to him? Enough already!!

Anonymous said...

Leaving the building at 18th and Grand confuses most of the Star's staff.

Anonymous said...

KC Star Editorial Board = unrepentant Liberal bozos working for an advertising rag whose corporate parent will soon declare bankruptcy.

Anonymous said...

the crony proposal is inherently flawed and proposing questions isn't what's needed.

it needs to be a non-starter, with normal rigorous contracting protocol a sine qua non for a billion-dollar project.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to pretend to do good-government reporting when you're just not into it.

If you were concerned about good government, you'd start by exposing the travesty of the violence affecting good people in the east neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...


Let me tell ya'll how this works from previous experience in years past with KCMO City Hall, which I encountered back in the early 1990's era,,,,,,

in particular the BLUE RIVER Project, in regards to it reconstruction thru much of Kansas city MO to control flooding issues , supposedly.

That NO BID Contract,,, boils down to "KICK BACKS" under the table, in various forms of gratuity that are NOT reported and nobody hopefully will ever learn about !!!!

That can include :

Secret Trips

Secret Cruises on a cruise ship

Las Vegas Getways all expenses paid of course

Secret Hawaiian Vacations , with all expenses paid for

Secret SKI Vacations including FREE expenses and Weekly Condo paid for

Secret AIRFARES & Trips usually booked under an Alias, (somebody elses name) possibly on a Private Non Commercial Aircraft.

All kinds of ways to SLIP goodies to those involved in CORRUPTION & FRAUD, without being caught hopefully,,,,,,,

That falls under the FBI's RICO statute , Organized Crime & Racketeering division, in which also the DOJ / Department of Justice as well as the MBI / Missouri Bureau of Investigation as well as the Missouri Gov. office would also be interested in these Corrupt deeds that those Corrupters are involved in as has happened in the past in KCMO back in the 1990's !!

Hey KCMO,, city Hall, remember the BLUE RIVER Project Fraud & Corruption Fiasco ????

I do, I'm the SOB that nailed your Asses back then and caused ya'll to get investigated for Fraud, Corruption, Racketeering, Embezzlement and Contractor Fraud ,, remember me :) !!!!!!

I still have the Documents to prove it along with all the business cards of Law Enforcement officials who worked that case in a File in my filing cabinet dating back to the early 1990's !!!!

Carefull KCMO, Sly James and KCMO City Hall, I may just do it again on behalf of the Citizens of this city who have NO Idea how this works , but I do from previous experience :) !!!!!

Good Day :) !!!