Thursday, May 25, 2017

MARC: Kansas City Proper Growing Faster Than Any Other Local Metro Town

The world according to civic cheerleaders offers some nice news and a glimpse of the Northland lifting local fortunes. Take a look:

KCMO Leading the Charge in Regional Growth

The data for all cities in the Kansas City Metro is available here.


Anonymous said...

Them must be obama welfare babies

Hyperblogal said...

I suspect it's a lot of the 65-thousand visitors per day who just decide to stay.

Anonymous said...

Cause everybody is moving out of kc

Anonymous said...

I think a lot of negro criminals move here because the police won't catch them and Jean Baker Petermunch won't prosecute them

Anonymous said...

Well, this is actually consistent with a trend of young people and others wanting to live downtown nationwide.

Maybe the downtown amenities are working to attract people.

Take that streetcar opponents!

Yeah, it's more likely Sprint Center, Kauffman, and the like, but they're all part of a critical mass threshold needed to create a livable urban zone.

Build the convention hotel too!

Anonymous said...

The great majority of population growth in KCMO is north of the river, not in the downtown utopia.
That's why the city put in water and sewer lines to support a potential growth of 70,000.
And that single-family residential construction, if it comes about, will actually be placed on the property tax roles, unlike 99% of the downtown "projects", which will mostly turn out to be financially unsustainable.
PR and hype may look great in the short term, but facts always turn out to be stubborn things.

Anonymous said...

So Funny

remember KCMO hires employees that can't count in the 1st place

they attended that KCMO KCPS School system is why , which is a disaster as most of you know

so, like the phony fake street car TOY TRAIN numbers

they count every citizens like 20 times to arrive at their illusionary numbers !!!!

Anonymous said...

Young milenial men like living downtown cause there are more dicks to suck

Anonymous said...

And hyperblogal wins this thread!

Anonymous said...

You know Crazy Clown...these are us Census Numbers, not Kansas City city hall numbers. Many Kansas City employees live in the Northland in the North Kansas City, Parkhill,Liberty and Platte County school districts.

Anonymous said...

11:18 How dare you! Pay City taxes! You like not being able to vote on taxes you will pay? You are getting double taxed!

Anonymous said...

Could we have the racial/ethnic breakdown with those statistics. I'm pretty sure that would speak volumes

Anonymous said...

How much did you get paid to write this propaganda comment.. if you drive around you can see that's incorrect it's all about the Northland more money has been spent on sewers for the potential growth than the actual needs of the southland..