Wednesday, May 24, 2017

KCK Courtroom Cleared As Family Yells At Tamika Pledger: 'You Killed My Daughter!'

Drama today amid legal proceedings . . .

Judge clears courtroom after victims' family members yell at Tamika Pledger

A woman charged with killing a teen and hurting three others took the stand Wednesday, and it caused chaos in a Wyandotte County courtroom. Tamika Pledger is accused of running down several teenagers in Jan. 2015. One teenage girl died from her injuries.


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Anonymous said...

Guilty on all accounts!

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Anonymous said...

Drugs and crack? I have never been on anything nor do I drink nor smoke. What you see in the media is not the truth. Come to court on August 23, 2017. You will hear the real deal.

1. Police never gave a citation of reckless nor any citation, period.
2. All admitted to the detectives it was an accident and the State told them they will get money and they changed their stories.
3. My insurance company paid all injured parties 2016 as a result of an accident.
4. Pledger came in contact with two of her blood cousins who lived in her rental property.
5. Their mother works for the UG and conspired with her making them go against me.
6. The deceased died of medical malpractice, not as a result of her injuries.
7. Involuntary manslaughter charges of reckless is a charge when your invading and eluding the police. When was there a police chase?
8. Aggravated battery charges are Case of intent. They took intent out of the jury instructions to get a a conviction because all parties signed waivers from my insurance company stating "It was an accident". The State filed charged on their own and conspired with them with lies of obtaining money if they help the State. They were unaware that my insurance company conducted their own investigation and determined it to be an "ACCIDENT" and compensated everyone. Not because the State did anything.
9. Speed alone is not reckless driving. It is a "mens rea" charge; state of mind. Toxicology was and is always negative. I was charged on February 2, 2015, KCKPD admitted they did not have speed until March 10, 2015. Aristocrat testify that there was NO black box on my car. My vehicle left no skid marks.

I've sat back long enough on these false allegations. Enough is enough. The news media sides with the State and are not true journalists.

This was politically motivated by a few government hater and they used my accident to charge me with a crime.

10. By the way, the Special Prosecutor Spies is a personal counsel for the deceased 15 year olds dad Mr. Smith. Smith's dad, deceased grandfather worked for the KCKPD as a lead detective and now retired. Guess who made the phone call to nail me without concluding an investigation? WYCO is corrupt and will not admit to it. Only those with integrity will do the right thing. Isn't that a conflict of interest?

Never would I hurt people intentionally. I was told one location as 2 cars, 4 youth and about 10 or more ADULTS (18 and over) blocked traffic over an obstructed hill. I didn't know they were there. My daughter was there as well. If the State had REAL evidence I was driving recklessly the State would have taking all of my minor children. My apologies for all of the lies they displayed against me to cause you all to think of me this way. May God bless all of you.