Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Kansas Teachable Moment Amid Shawnee Mission School District Outrage

Locals learn about the power of direct Democracy or the futility of public testimony amid ongoing education fighting throughout the Sunflower State. Read more:

Parents show up with emotional feedback at meeting to discuss Shawnee Mission school boundary changes

Neighborhoods split in two, young children separated from friends - Tuesday night the Shawnee Mission School District got emotional feedback from parents regarding boundary change proposals. In all - 11 elementary school boundaries would change. And some parents feel the district didn't give them enough notice for the meeting to discuss those proposals.


Anonymous said...

The notice wasn't translated in Spanish ????? No it wasn't translated in Spanish, why should it be, this is not Mexico.

If you can't do something as simple as driving your kid to school or put them on the bus then you shouldn't have kids.

There's always home school.

Anonymous said...

The other kids are going to beat up my kid, just because I drive him to school in my BMW. What am I supposed to do, keep a Ford in the driveway just for school runs and wear my pajamas all day?

Anonymous said...

The SM School District is the former shining star of the metro area. Immigrants and poor people are moving into the area, while the more affluent are moving south and west. The northern part of the district is shrinking, so school consolidation and closures are going to happen. Re-drawing boundaries will be painful, but the parents and kids will survive.